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CARS of America, Inc. is an independently owned and operated auto repair shop with two locations, Glenview and Evanston. Our auto mechanics are not only extremely well trained, but they are professional and friendly with a commitment to you, your vehicle, and your safety. Bob Dupre began his automotive career in 1962 and opened the doors of CARS of America, Inc. in 1972.

CARS of America, Inc. in Glenview and Evanston is a great place to not only get your vehicle worked on, but it’s a great place to work. 14 years is the average time our team members have been with us. We know that employee satisfaction transfers to customer satisfaction. It’s a friendly place that focuses on the overall customer experience. From a transferable Lifetime Repair Warranty on repairs to 3% back on repairs, we deliver a unique approach to automotive repair. We pride ourselves on lifelong customer relationships that extend through generations. That’s what happens when our priority is with our customer, not with our bottom line.

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Top Vehicles Serviced

  • Acura
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Jeep
  • Mazda
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Nissan
  • Subaru
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen


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"I was new to the area so I came on a whim because the reviews were so good. I usually hate walking into car repair shops because I always think they’re going to take advantage of me. This place did NOT! I am so happy, relieved and grateful. They were so nice, welcoming, honest, and fair. I’ll always go back. Thank you Dana!!"
"I have now had two oil changes done here for my 2004 Jeep Liberty and will be going back shortly for new tires! Although my car needs some work, Dana has been extremely helpful in taking time to explain the problems in depth and what should be done to fix them (with good quotes). Dana has also been super helpful with getting me multiple quotes for tires he recommends at an affordable cost to me (as a recent college grad). Very much recommend Cars of America!"
"Have an issue with your car?? Call Dana at Cars of America on Green Bay Road. He'll take GREAT care of it. At a reasonable price. I WILL be going back again!!"
"What I liked about cars of America in Evanston is the friendly prompted service I received and how welcoming the facility was. I took my car for an oil change. It was a 45minute wait. Coffee and magazines are available in the lobby with nice comfy chairs should you decide to wait there."
"You know what stinks? Having a car that is falling apart; like many problems in life, it's always easier to point the fingers at other and question how everyone else got you in the predicament with you car. I recently found my self in a situation just like that, where in the span of about 3 months everything in my car started dying: my coolant system (water pump, radiator and thermometer), my starter (potentially from corrosion from the bad coolant system), my air conditioner (likely because because of the coolant issue causing the passenger cabin to be too hot and being an idiot, I overcharged the system with freon, breaking it). I brought the vehicle in and Dana repaired my thermostat and water pump, I drove it a couple thousand more miles and the radiator failed (it had become the weak link in the chain). It was really easy to believe that the job wasn't done the first time and that was my initial conclusion because of the frustration with the failure (and embarrassment of having the radiator spew out steam while I was driving). I probably jumped all over Dana in a way that was unwarranted, but he handled it so well and came back with an offer that was MORE than fair and went above and beyond. It's so hard to find "a guy" in the world of mechanics and I hope you never have the trouble I did with my vehicle, but if you have to find someone to take care of you, Dana is the one."


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