Your service advisor, reimagined.

Online tool that generates and deliver service estimates to consumers for their year, make, and model vehicle.

Openbay Service Advisor

Add a virtual service advisor to your website 

Openbay Service Advisor is an automated online service request and price estimate platform. It can be installed as a web plug-in to your automotive services website and Openbay Profile.

Openbay does all the work for your business

Once your business account is setup, Openbay responds to consumer service requests on your website with detailed pricing estimates that include parts, labor, taxes, and repair time. Service quotes are generated on behalf of your business using your labor rates, margins on OE and aftermarket parts and more. You can validate service quotes during your account setup.

Immediate ROI 

Automotive service businesses using Openbay Service Advisor have experienced a positive ROI in the initial months of deployment. Average repair order after service quotes are delivered to consumers average $640. Average sales cycle from delivering a service quote to the actual service being performed is 5-days. New customer acquisition (vs. existing) make up the majority of the service quotes generated.

Openbay mission

The mission of Openbay is to fundamentally improve the experience for automotive repair and services for consumers, and the way that automotive care businesses acquire and service customers.

We provide automotive care businesses an opportunity to expand and grow their business. Openbay supports mechanical repair and maintenance only (non-collision).

Openbay online digital tools 

Openbay Service Advisor is one of many offerings in a suite of subscription services for automotive service businesses. Online digital tools are designed to acquire, engage and retain customers. Each digital tool is available in the form of a monthly subscription service.

How Consumers Use Openbay

Openbay Service Advisor for single and multi-location businesses

Openbay Service Advisor supports businesses having a single location (single website) and businesses having multiple locations and a single website. This allows for proper distribution of service quotes and contact information to the respective location.

How Openbay Service Advisor works for consumers

Consumers that arrive at your business website are typically seeking automotive services. Therefore its recommended Service Advisor positioned near the top of the homepage or “above the fold” for greater exposure. A typical user journey for Openbay Service Advisor.

  1. Consumer enters vehicle information and then from a menu system, enters a request for a repair or describes a need for service. The need for service could be a check engine light, routine maintenance or describing a problem.
  2. Openbay captures the consumers contact information, vehicle information and service request.
  3. Openbay responds to the consumer with a custom service quote with your business information.
  4. Service quotes are delivered with detail information on parts, labor, taxes, and total time to complete the service.
  5. Consumers are instructed to book an appointment using the contact information given in the service quote.
  6. Appointment date and time is determined.
  7. Vehicle is serviced, business takes payment direct from the vehicle owner.


Align your business with the modern day consumer

Your business gets discovered by online consumers every day. Research shows that the majority of consumers shopping for automotive services turn to online search to begin the process of finding a trustworthy business that can deliver automotive services. Once a business is identified, the expectations of that consumer is to obtain information about a service as quickly and efficiently as possible. Having online digital tools that can deliver information the consumer is seeking is critical in their selection.

Automotive service businesses need to be equipped with the latest online tools to engage the consumer, deliver on the information they are seeking and be able to transact across online channels.

Notifications are sent by Openbay Service Advisor to businesses the instant a service quote is generated. Openbay delivers contact information and details on the estimate sent. This allows the business to follow up.

Real-time notifications on service estimate activity 

Openbay ASP Mobile App

Openbay mobile app enhances communication with Service Advisor customers

OpenbayASP improves customer communication, builds loyalty and increases customer satisfaction. It also increases your ability to increase services revenue.

  • Designed to work with the Openbay Service Advisor and other Openbay subscription services
  • Respond quickly to customer question
  • Places your business in alignment with the shopping behavior of the modern-day consumer that uses mobile to make buying decisions


  • Instant notification of new customer activity
  • Generate / edit customer service quotes
  • Quickly confirm service appointment dates and time (if not set up for instant booking)
  • Easily communicate with customers, send photos and video to expedite repair approvals
  • Track all active, pending, and completed service requests
  • Securely settle customer payments (marketplace)

Openbay mobile app for Automotive Service Providers 

Openbay developed a mobile app for automotive service providers alerting them to activity on the marketplace. From time to time customers may have questions or send providers pictures and videos of their vehicle asking for assistance.


Kings Tire and Wheel
Openbay opened up a new door. Bringing in clients that we would have never got on our own.
Kings Tire & Wheel
R & G Auto
Openbay helps customers understand what service they are getting. They come to us informed. An educated customer is the best kind of customer. Everything works nice and smooth with Openbay. 
R & G Auto Repair
C & G Auto Center
Openbay helps us bring in a first time customer. You can then build a relationship with that customer to help you grow.
C & G Auto Center
Dunn Tire
Openbay increased our exposure of services we offer....double digit M/M growth for new and existing customers. It’s paid for itself and then some.
Dunn Tire
Turbo Tim’s
Openbay makes it easy for customers to find us, get an estimate, and book service all online saving us time. They bring us customers who know what to expect.
Turbo Tim's
Honda Village
Openbay helps us appeal to Millennials by responding quickly online (priceless). Getting a few extra customers makes a difference. That’s how Openbay fits in.
Honda Village
Extreme Auto Repair
Openbay gives us access to customers 24/7. Quotes when we’re not open & weekends. We see a high conversion rate. Works great for us.
Extreme Auto Repair
Direct Tire & Auto Service
Direct Tire & Auto Service