Convert website visitors into customers by starting a “conversation”

Through automated conversations, Openbay Otis helps website visitors seeking automotive services, 24/7

Conversations with customers are important to your business

Openbay Otis takes the form of a virtual service advisor 

Give your website a voice. Openbay Otis installed on automotive service websites provides the voice of your business service advisor to website visitors. It holds conversations and responds to visitors with deep knowledge of automotive services. Otis can take in requests for automotive service, allow visitors to book service appointments, provide vehicle recall information, and much more.

Openbay Otis installed on your automotive business website (shown below).

Why Openbay Otis is important to your business 

The use of online digital tools help convert website visitors to paying customers by delivering useful and relevant information to service their vehicle, 24/7. In today’s world of e-commerce, information should be personalized and specific to the unique needs of a consumer.

With Otis, your business can:

  • Provide a fast and effective way to respond to visitor questions on servicing their vehicle.
  • Instantly and easily connect with online visitors 24/7 and on any device with messaging platforms they use every day.
  • Increase visitor-to-customer conversion by more than 40% on average.
  • Capitalize on more opportunities for service when visitors want to connect with your business after hours or if your business is unreachable by phone.
  • Qualify consumers by type of vehicle they need serviced and the type of service they are seeking.
  • Book service appointments online – select date and time.
  • …. and much more.

Openbay otis

Artificial intelligent driven chat for automotive service websites

Openbay Otis is the first-of-its kind online digital tool for businesses providing automotive repair and maintenance services. Otis applies deep domain experience obtained from millions of customer interactions on the Openbay marketplace and other sources of information to form predictive responses to customer questions.

Openbay Otis understands and can respond in human language. It provides general information on a business, vehicle makes it can service, services it offers, pricing information on services, appointment booking and more.

Standing out in your local market 

To gain a competitive advantage in your local market and to align your business with the shopping behavior of today’s modern-day online consumer, businesses must be available all day, everyday, 24/7/365 – responding to requests for information on automotive services and available times to book an appointment.

Special Otis Features

Custom Service Estimates for Consumers

Providing online service estimates for visitors increases your opportunity to grow revenue. Online estimates is a convenient offering for existing and new customers to your business. Recent Openbay survey says more than 72% of consumers said getting an online service estimate is important to their decision when selecting a shop to service their vehicle.

  • Based on vehicle Year-Make-Model-Trim-Engine and services selected, service estimates are generated in near-realtime and within the chat window.
  • Service estimates can be displayed with detailed parts, labor, taxes and time of the actual service (in hours) or provide a summary of the estimate (see example right).
  • Service estimates are based on your business hourly labor rate, margins on OE and aftermarket parts and more.
  • General service pricing can be made available to visitors via Otis (e.g. tire rotation, wheel alignment, etc). Your business has the option to display general service pricing only.
  • Service estimates are sent at the visitors selection; email or text (SMS).
  • Notifications of service estimates are made available to business via online dashboard and Openbay ASP mobile app.

Online Service Appointment Booking

Online service appointment booking is a powerful offering for existing and new customers to your business. Booking an appointment takes seconds and can be accomplished without having to speak to anyone at your business. Booking an appointment can occur during and after business hours. Recent Openbay survey says more than 92% of consumers said being able to book an appointment online is important to their decision when selecting a shop to service their vehicle.

  • Allows a visitor to book an online service appointment.
  • Calendar and available time slots are presented.
  • Business can block out dates and times when service is not available or the business is too busy.
  • Time buffer – create a time buffer (hours or days) where your business can start taking appointment.
  • Business is notified in real-time when service appointments are booked. Notifications are sent via email or text (SMS).
  • Contact information, service request information and any notes are made available when appointment is booked.

Customize Service Appointment Bookings

Some businesses are busy at different times of the day or days of the week. Openbay Otis online appointment booking allows a business to block off time where a customer is unable to book an appointment.

  • Block off recurring times for each day of the week. Example: “Our business is busy from 7 AM to 10 AM each day of the week”
  • Block off recurring times for every day the shop is open.
  • Block off specific dates and times.
  • Multiple time blocks can be created to block off different times within a given day.

Benefits and Features

Benefits to your business

  • Provide an always-online personal service advisor to customers and potential new customers.
  • Customer questions are answered in realtime.
  • Improve the way your business engages online customers in the most cost effective way.
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention.
  • Grow revenue without significantly adding to operational costs.
  • Scale your business’ ability to respond to customer inquires without adding additional resources.

Benefits to your customers

  • Delivers on personalized information during and after hours of operation – on Sunday too.
  • Easy to use platform, similar to messaging on a mobile or desktop messaging system.
  • Real-time responses.
  • For the millennials seeking service, they can get service pricing and book an appointment without speaking to anyone.
Real feedback from website visitors using Otis

Features of Openbay Otis 

  • Delivers custom service estimates to include parts, labor and taxes for all vehicles supported by your business.
  • Captures contact information.
  • Allows online service appointments at times and dates your business determines to be available.
  • Customizable to respond to vehicles your business supports and types of services offered.
  • Allows chat to be handed off to a human (for those businesses with call centers)
  • Natural language processing engine that understands human language and can respond accordingly with deep knowledge about automotive repair and services.
  • Works on your business website and any other communication channels.
  • Supports multiple business locations. Nearest location is presented.
  • Hands off operation – runs 24/7/365 without any manual intervention.
  • Platform self-learns each day, getting smarter at predicting questions and serving up answers.
  • Ability to accept a text message from a consumer and then start a conversation from within Otis.
Additional Features

Openbay ASP Mobile App

OpenbayASP mobile app supports Openbay Otis

OpenbayASP improves customer communication, builds loyalty and increases customer satisfaction. It also increases your ability to increase services revenue.

  • Designed to work with the Openbay marketplace and Openbay Otis subscription service.
  • Respond quickly to customer question.
  • Places your business in alignment with the shopping behavior of the modern-day consumer that uses mobile to make buying decisions.


  • Instant notification of new customer activity.
  • Generate / edit customer service quotes.
  • Quickly confirm service appointment dates and time (if not set up for instant booking)
  • Easily communicate with customers, send photos and video to expedite repair approvals
  • Track all active, pending, and completed service requests
  • Securely settle customer payments

Openbay mobile app for Automotive Service Providers 

Openbay developed a mobile app for automotive service providers alerting them to activity on the marketplace. From time to time customers may have questions or send providers pictures and videos of their vehicle asking for assistance.


Kings Tire and Wheel
Openbay opened up a new door. Bringing in clients that we would have never got on our own.
Kings Tire & Wheel
R & G Auto
Openbay helps customers understand what service they are getting. They come to us informed. An educated customer is the best kind of customer. Everything works nice and smooth with Openbay. 
R & G Auto Repair
C & G Auto Center
Openbay helps us bring in a first time customer. You can then build a relationship with that customer to help you grow.
C & G Auto Center
Dunn Tire
Openbay increased our exposure of services we offer....double digit M/M growth for new and existing customers. It’s paid for itself and then some.
Dunn Tire
Turbo Tim’s
Openbay makes it easy for customers to find us, get an estimate, and book service all online saving us time. They bring us customers who know what to expect.
Turbo Tim's
Honda Village
Openbay helps us appeal to Millennials by responding quickly online (priceless). Getting a few extra customers makes a difference. That’s how Openbay fits in.
Honda Village
Extreme Auto Repair
Openbay gives us access to customers 24/7. Quotes when we’re not open & weekends. We see a high conversion rate. Works great for us.
Extreme Auto Repair
Direct Tire & Auto Service
Direct Tire & Auto Service