Website Visitor Feedback

Actual “feedback” from website visitors using Otis
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Being able to choose a service estimate
  • Book a service appointment
  • Asked the appropriate questions for service
  • Instant price estimate
  • Easy to make an appointment and indicate the service needed
  • Helpful service
  • Immediate response and very fast scheduling
  • Saved me a phone call by allowing me to schedule online
  • Easy, convenient and fast
  • Easy access to information - I do not always have time during your business hours to call or do not think about what is needed at those times
  • Able to schedule an appointment from outside of business hours
  • Easy to contact online - well structured interface
  • Was able to make an appointment fast
  • Booking an appointment over a weekend
  • Good customer service
  • Being able to verify you service a vehicle without having to make a person wait on the other end of the phone. Also, not having to wait for someone to answer the phone
  • No waiting
  • It was fast. Happy to have 24/7 access
  • Being able to access the services anytime, not just during business hours
  • Got the appointment booked quickly
  • Could pick my own time for service
  • Hassle free process for requesting a quote
  • No delays, busy signals or voicemails
  • Quick access vs. wading through voice prompts or waiting online
  • 24/7 service and accurate service quotes
  • Easy - took 2 minutes ... and I didn't have to explain everything


Kings Tire and Wheel
Openbay opened up a new door. Bringing in clients that we would have never got on our own.
Kings Tire & Wheel
R & G Auto
Openbay helps customers understand what service they are getting. They come to us informed. An educated customer is the best kind of customer. Everything works nice and smooth with Openbay. 
R & G Auto Repair
C & G Auto Center
Openbay helps us bring in a first time customer. You can then build a relationship with that customer to help you grow.
C & G Auto Center
Dunn Tire
Openbay increased our exposure of services we offer....double digit M/M growth for new and existing customers. It’s paid for itself and then some.
Dunn Tire
Turbo Tim’s
Openbay makes it easy for customers to find us, get an estimate, and book service all online saving us time. They bring us customers who know what to expect.
Turbo Tim's
Honda Village
Openbay helps us appeal to Millennials by responding quickly online (priceless). Getting a few extra customers makes a difference. That’s how Openbay fits in.
Honda Village
Extreme Auto Repair
Openbay gives us access to customers 24/7. Quotes when we’re not open & weekends. We see a high conversion rate. Works great for us.
Extreme Auto Repair
Direct Tire & Auto Service
Direct Tire & Auto Service