Openbay Otis Features
Custom Service Estimates for Consumers

Providing online service estimates for visitors increases your opportunity to grow revenue. Online estimates is a convenient offering for existing and new customers to your business. Recent Openbay survey says more than 72% of consumers said getting an online service estimate is important to their decision when selecting a shop to service their vehicle.

  • Based on vehicle Year-Make-Model-Trim-Engine and services selected, service estimates are generated in near-realtime and within the chat window.
  • Service estimates can be displayed with detailed parts, labor, taxes and time of the actual service (in hours) or provide a summary of the estimate (see example right).
  • Service estimates are based on your business hourly labor rate, margins on OE and aftermarket parts and more.
  • General service pricing can be made available to visitors via Otis (e.g. tire rotation, wheel alignment, etc). Your business has the option to display general service pricing only.
  • Service estimates are sent at the visitors selection; email or text (SMS).
  • Notifications of service estimates are made available to business via online dashboard and Openbay ASP mobile app.

Online Service Appointment Booking

Online service appointment booking is a powerful offering for existing and new customers to your business. Booking an appointment takes seconds and can be accomplished without having to speak to anyone at your business. Booking an appointment can occur during and after business hours. Recent Openbay survey says more than 92% of consumers said being able to book an appointment online is important to their decision when selecting a shop to service their vehicle.

  • Allows a visitor to book an online service appointment.
  • Calendar and available time slots are presented.
  • Business can block out dates and times when service is not available or the business is too busy.
  • Time buffer – create a time buffer (hours or days) where your business can start taking appointment.
  • Business is notified in real-time when service appointments are booked. Notifications are sent via email or text (SMS).
  • Contact information, service request information and any notes are made available when appointment is booked.
  • Add to your contacts database for marketing outreach campaigns
  • Gather visitor contact information; first name, email, phone
  • Gather visitor vehicle information – year, make, model, trim and engine
  • Track visitor; New vs. returning visitor
  • Date time stamps for each visitor
Service Request Tracking
  • Gather visitor automotive service needs – type of service(s).
  • Gather notes by a visitor associated with a service or issue they are experiencing.
  • Automotive service is associated with a vehicle type and user
  • Chat color themes
  • Select size of chat introduction state
  • Create introduction label button items (e.g. request pricing, set appointment, contact me, etc.) (coming soon)
  • Company name
  • Agent avatars (coming soon)
  • White label
  • Initial window greeting
  • Promote specials or coupons
  • Embedded links promoting special pages of website
  • Ability to self-program Otis, allowing Otis to respond to certain questions
Business Information
    • Hours of operation
    • Types of services provided
    • Types of vehicle makes supported for service
    • Support for multi-location businesses (single website with multiple business locations)
    • and more…

Reports and analytics
  • Performance reports; 7-day, 14-day, 30-day, custom
  • Compare performance by time period
  • Dashboard showing; total conversations, average duration (time), appointments, service quotes generated, contacts captured
  • Activity by time of day
  • List of service quotes generated – date/time received, service(s) requested, information on requestor, vehicle information (year, make, model, trim, mileage, vehicle location), quote details (parts, labor, taxes, time of repair)
  • Detailed list of all conversations held to include contact information and transcript
  • Detailed list of all contacts
  • Detailed list of all appointments
Customer feedback
  • Post chat surveys offered – optional to visitor (helps with customer satisfaction and product improvement).
  • Chat ratings (coming soon).