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  • Ignition system diagnosis

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"we took our truck in to fix they told us 3 different things wrong told us 700 to fix, we said ok fix...they call us the next day and say oh the bolt broke off and broke in a part and now it costs 700 more for you to fix. NOW they do have a picture and the truck is older 2001 with a little over 70,000 miles because it's driven and owned by an 88 year old, YES there was alot of rust under there,so ANY good mechanic would have known looking at that much rust there was a possibility of the bolt breaking off, they should've stopped called us asked us if we wanted to take a chance on that bolt breaking AND how much it would cost if it did...there we're also ways to soak that bolt for a day or so so it POSSIBLY would've came out easier. NOPE they broke and held us responsible to pay OR if not have to tow the truck out of there disassembled and not running for hundreds dollars, we drove the truck in there running, we just picked it up it was 999.99 and 840.00 was labor charge and we did not get the other parts they claim were broke as well fixed , this was the worst choice we could've made taking it here we only picked them because they were chosen # 1 in Hunt County in the paper. I would definitely think twice before taking your car to them."
"Took my truck in for diagnostic check Tuesday. Charged $105 that's NOT included in total price if I had them fix the problem! NOT included? I complained & they agreed to waive it. Got the estimate... $1300 for new fuel injector, plug wires, labor & MAYBE have it done by Friday. $1300!! Called other mechanics and looked for parts online then realized the price for these parts quoted was rather high. Didnt do the repairs there & drove it strait to GAINES AUTOMOTIVE in CADDO MILLS, 15 min away. Shane was awesome! Took less then 1 day, found out it was the distributor NOT the fuel injector, found some leaks in old hoses & didn't charge me for the diagnostic!! Total cost... $274!! My truck purs like a kitten! I would NOT recommend Auto Doc... Go to GAINES AUTOMOIVE!!!"
"A nice family like atmosphere with a small but clean and pleasant waiting room. I've been several times and each mechanic that provided service seemed knowledgeable and very competent."
"Friendly staff. Reliable service. Have been a customer for about 10 years and I've always been always satisfied with their service and attention to detail."
"I was dreading getting my vehicle repaired. I had an estimate from the dealer that was $$$$. I searched online and found the Auto Doc and scheduled to have my vehicle serviced and some diagnostics done. The owner/repair person kept me informed at each step of the repair process. Long story short, my vehicle is running better than it has in months and for a VERY reasonable price. I’ve found “my” service center in the Greenville area!"


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