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  • 90 day warranty for labor*
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"Just got my car back today and definitely impressed. Great customer service, my car looks better than before, and they serviced my vehicle in a timely manner."
"Great place and a friendly atmosphere. After deciding on Impact Body Works they towed my car to their shop they same day, which made the whole process move along quickly. When I picked up the car it looked amazing and the inside smelled great. I Highly recommended!!"
"Picked up my Honda Civic a couple of days ago they did an excellent job on the car, but did find a little small dent and scratch on the left side door that wasnt there when i dropped the car off just gave them a call and left a voicemail ive yet to hear from them tomorrow"
"EDIT 2/8/18 - Finding lots of little things that were NOT damaged before, are now damaged. Just very sloppy mistakes. Every day, I find something new broken that had absolutely nothing to do with the damage that was to be repaired. Example - my van is dark gray. For some reason, they replaced the covers of my side mirrors with silver/chrome covers. Why, when neither were damaged? And the little plastic cover for the signal lights on the mirror were removed. One down to the circuit board. The trim in back is pulled out, rear door does not operate properly, the lights on the inside of the door popped out. The rear hatch is also not sealed. *The original damage was to the front of the car.* And my MPG went from 15 to 7. The engine is not right. Doesn't feel the same at all. Have a feeling when I get it back from inspection, there will be even more issues and the original parts I requested (& certainly paid for ๐Ÿ˜’) may end up being knock-offs. Back to not being happy. ๐Ÿ˜  EDIT 1/25/18 - Picked up my baby this morn, about to take her on her maiden voyage. She looks heavenly. ๐Ÿ’œ They did exactly as I requested & left the original damaged parts in the back. They also discovered a wiring issue likely due to a previous repair (2015, never liked that repair) & wrote a note for my ins so that claim can be reopened & the issue resolved by the ins co from that time. ๐Ÿ‘ The girls in the office were very nice & GREAT at keeping me updated with the progress. Once I get do a full test drive, if all is still good, I'll up this to 5 stars. As of now, I would absolutely recommend them to others for body repairs. ๐Ÿ‘Œ ------------------------------- 1 star for the moment. I chose them based on a recommendation from a valuable friend, ratings here, and honestly, the approximate location to my house. I told him that I was paying out of pocket but to treat it as if it were State Farm car. All new, original, manufacturer parts, Old parts to be put into the back of the van for further inspection and verification. They've had the car for 3 days now and have not even looked at it. I had to go to the shop to ask for an update because I received no communication. While there, they reassured me that they would get to it the next day meaning today. If things change I will change my review but at the moment I am looking at other body shops as I feel like they think that this is a sure project for them so they can sit and take as much time as they want and I will just sit and wait. (Would have been, but that has changed). Considering my other car is seconds from dying and the car I brought them is my baby, I am not willing to just sit and wait while they twiddle their thumbs and wait until they have a couple minutes of time. My van has always been taken care of to the highest quality and at a reasonable price. I expect it to continue to be . Hopefully they don't feel that just because I'm a woman who brought this car in on her own that I don't know anything about cars. Because they couldn't be on the opposite side of the spectrum anymore with that thought. I was raised in a garage my father who was an aviation mechanic in Vietnam, was a Auto Collision Adjuster for his lifetime career, my first husband taught me how to strip motors, rebuild them, and install them into a completely different make and model cars. I personally did the repairs and maintenance on mine and my 2nd husband's car. I also have people standing by waiting to double-check any work done on this car to make sure it was done properly with the correct parts. If they even get an opportunity to do the work. I am not one to be ripped off. If they come through I will absolutely change my rating. But as they have had the car for 4 days now and I had to go to them to hear that they haven't even looked at it, I am not impressed in the least. The women at the front were very kind and polite but the person who I think is the owner seemed, I don't know how to explain it. And I don't wish to write negative, personal things about a person based on a 5 Second meeting. So stay tuned!"
"updated on 03/02/2018: Got my car back yesterday. In short: 5 stars service and absolutely perfect job for the body work! As I request, They keep the old parts for me so they can show me which parts has been replaced. I don't have time to write detail review today(may update the detail in tomorrow), so just let the photo do the talk! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 02/13/2018 My wife got into a really bad accident and the tow guy, sorry I forget his name, suggested that I take it here and they will take care of everything. He waited us about 2 hours so that we can file the claim first. So, here is the photo of my car. It is a 2015 Mazda 6 touring only around 14000 miles. As you can see from the image, the right side rear wheel got a hard hit and the rear SUSPENSION damaged very badly, the right rear wheel and the axis already twisted and the car is not driveable. I love my car,ย  I really hope they can do a great job to make my baby to perfect condition. Inside, outside, appearance, alignment, steering everything. Especially the SUSPENSION, alignment, steering. I will check those thing very carefully when they say my car has been fixed. And I will keep updating this review in this progress. So far, everything is ok, so I give them 4 star.ย  Iโ€™ll update the review when I get the progress update from them. By the way, they do can provide free car rental, although it is old car but itโ€™s better than nothing. Also, they said, the fixing job will take around 10 business days. We will seeโ€ฆ."


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