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"Chris Murphy is a hybrid master and a super genuine business man - he took time to help us walk through decisions around car buying/selling while his team worked on our car. Fair prices, great work, honest & friendly folks. We live 15 miles away from his shop but well worth the trek across town."
"Reposted from my Yelp: TL;DR - They failed to adequately address a crucial mechanical failure in my car resulting in extensive damage to the engine and kept the $2,000 they had initially charged for the repair that didn't actually solve the problem. ********** I will preface this negative review with a positive point: Wendy and Nick were very pleasant and professional. That's the only nice thing I have to say. I'll try to keep this short. This location was recommended to me through my insurance provider, and for the first time in my life I had my Subaru taken to a location other than the dealership. My car had spun a bearing due to a persistent oil leak, which caused a rough idle and a check engine light to come on at the end of a road trip. I had the car towed to CM the next morning. I was contacted with a quote for two new gaskets, and a complete overhaul of the timing belt, since it had become coated with oil. I was advised that the work wouldn't be warrantied unless I replaced all the functional components of the timing belt assembly. I agreed to the full repair. When I went to pick the car up, I noticed it was still idling rough, but the check engine light was off. I was used to a rough idle any time the battery had been disconnected so I chalked it up to the ECU needing to re-calibrate the fuel-air mixture, and drove it off the lot assuming any repair shop worth its salt would have already ensured a rough idle wasn't the symptom of an inadequate repair. I trusted them. 50 miles later, the car began smoking again and the check engine light came on. At the very moment I got the car off the highway and into a parking lot, I heard a sudden loud knocking sound and the engine completely died. I had the car towed back to CM and was later told that the cam shaft had broken, causing extensive damage to the cylinder head. I was quoted $4k just for a new cylinder head, without even examining the other side of the engine, or $6.9k for a rebuilt Subaru engine. They refused to give me any break on the price or refund, despite the fact that their repair hadn't addressed the underlying issue that led to ultimate failure of the engine. So I had the car towed to Subaru for their diagnostic. They confirmed my hypothesis that if the bearing had been identified as the issue, the bearing and the cam shaft could have been replaced before failure and saved significant damage to the cylinder head and thus the engine. Suffice to say I would not recommended this shop to anyone looking for a business that will actually warranty or stand behind their service."
"I'm an Electrical Engineer that loves to repair his own stuff, and that includes vehicles. I use the same repair service manuals and wiring diagrams the dealership would use, so I repair vehicles extremely well. I called and spoke to "Wendy" to ask questions about leaking exhaust manifolds, and for an estimate associated with fixing that assuming I've done all the hard work. By hard work, I mean removing twenty year old rusty broken studs stuck in the motor, and chasing all engine threads. That is hard work, a person shouldn't be charged the full labor amount if 70% of the job is done already. Anyways, getting to the point, this "Wendy" lady had nothing but attitude with me. Attitude, attitude, attitude. Spoke to me with a nasty tone of voice, and was extremely unhelpful. I don't care how good the mechanics are if your front counter has the politeness of a Honey Badger. Was this lady having a bad day? I don't know, but a potential customer shouldn't be treated like I was. I never, if rarely give "1 star" reviews, but they've earned it. Avoid doing business here."
"Got back from out of town and my car was acting up.....this place made everything so easy on me. They had my car up and running in couple hours. Headache and stress free! Thank you all for such great and friendly service! You are officially my favorite auto shop in Dallas :-)"
"Passing through Dallas, our vehicle had a brake failure. AAA towed it to Chris Murphy's. I was disappointed in the cost for the evaluation: $100+. The repair cost was going to be about $200+ more than a car care center within a few blocks for the same work. Fortunately, I was able to safely drive it to the other facility for the needed work and minimize the financial victimization."


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