What our shops are saying

Thousands of repair shops across the country are using Openbay to grow their business. Through this marketplace, Openbay seeks to provide quality repair shops exposure to new customers, ultimately leading to an increase in revenue for the shop and a better car repair experience for the customer.

Kings Tire and Wheel

Los Angeles, CA

“Openbay opened up a new door. Bringing in clients that we would have never got on our own.”

Kings Tire doesn’t spend anything in advertising and prior to Openbay, relied heavily on their 80% return rate with current customers to keep the business running. With loyal customers like that, he couldn’t complain but he knew he want to expose his business to a new audience. What he found with Openbay was exactly what he was looking for. A service that gave him a fair amount of business, for a limited amount of effort. Another benefit…Kings Tire and Wheel likes that Openbay customers are very specific and know what they want, ultimately creating a much more streamlined process for facilitating the repair.

ProAm Auto

Houston, TX

“The ability to advertise my shop through Openbay has been great for adding supplemental jobs throughout the week. And it’s cheap!”

ProAm Auto Accessories opened its doors back in 1984 as an extension of the owner's passion for performance cars and club racing. Since then, the original mission has changed a bit, and they’re now looking to move into the auto repair space. Pro Am admits Openbay has been key in helping them break into this type of work as it brings in customers who wouldn’t normally consider using a performance shop in the past.

Lumpp and Sons

Westmont, IL

“Partnering with Openbay is a win-win for everybody. It allows us to get exposure to new customers we wouldn’t have reached on our own.”

Patrick Lumpp and his two sons run the small auto repair shop outside of Chicago IL. The Lumpp and Sons mission is to ‘fix it right the first’ time. It’s their passion and dedication to quality work that continues to fuel business from Openbay customers. One of the biggest advantages for Lumpp and Son’s is that partnering with Openbay keeps of the platform keeps their marketing cost down, by simply charging the fee after the service has been booked.

Here are a few more reasons why repair shops are joining Openbay

Meet new customers in your area

By joining Openbay you’ll have access to all service requests from customers in your area. Here you’ll gain exposure to new customers that may have otherwise never known about your business.

You're in control

Busy week? No room for new customers? No problem. You decide your schedule and what jobs you want to quote.

Win new customers 24/7

Set up Automated Quotes for some of the most common repairs, and Openbay will send the quote on your behalf immediately after a request for that service comes in.

We're here for you

Openbay’s Member Services team is here to ensure your success at every step in the process. Questions, comments, concerns? Give us a call anytime, Monday – Friday, 8AM – 7PM.

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