Openbay connects consumers in need of auto repair to shops like yours.

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We send you requests for service from customers near your shop

We have thousands of customers looking for repair shops like yours to service their vehicle.

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You decide which jobs you want to quote

Busy week? No room for new customers? No problem. You control your schedule.

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Send a quote, or we can send one on your behalf with our automated quote feature

Easily add parts, labor and pricing for each service request so the customer knows what to expect before entering your shop.

Set up Automated Quotes for some of the most common repairs, and Openbay will send the quote on your behalf immediately after a request for that service comes in.

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Customer Schedules an appointment and arrives for service

With Openbay's sleek messaging and scheduler feature, easily set up a time that works for both of you.

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Upon completed service, Openbay sends payment

Get paid quicker by setting up direct deposit.

Openbay's Philosophy

We only get paid if you do

Shops are the backbone of our business

Consumers on Openbay make an informed decision

Our mission is to provide repair shops an opportunity to grow their business, as well as provide consumers the best option for their repair needs.

Commoditized pricing in the auto repair space is not the end goal.

When it comes to auto repair, consumers want peace of mind knowing that they made the right choice. Openbay tries to facilitate this by providing the consumer as much detail as possible about each shop in their area so they can make an informed decision.

Apply today and learn how Openbay can help your business grow.