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Openbay Peace-of-Mind Guarantee

The Openbay Guarantee means quality repair work and robust customer support throughout the experience.

Quality Service

All of the repair shops on Openbay are thoroughly screened to ensure a high quality experience for our customers.

No Unexpected Charges

All repair shops are required to review pricing changes from the initial quote with the customer prior to initiating incremental services.

Find, Get upfront Pricing and Book Automotive Services with Confidence

    We’re here to make your repair experience as pain-free as possible

  • Openbay’s free Concierge service gives customers additional guidance and support with auto-repair questions and service bookings.
  • Receive trusted recommendations

  • Not sure which shop to book service with? Openbay provides customers with recommendations for repair shops in their neighborhoods.
  • Stay up to date with your vehicle’s maintenance

  • Once you join Openbay, you’ll receive an online automotive repair diary to help you track and maintain your vehicles' repair history. No more referencing those paper receipts!
  • Our messaging systems keep things simple

  • The messaging feature on Openbay creates a new level of transparency between the customer and the repair shop. Review any questions or concerns with the shop directly before the repair even begins.

What does the Openbay Guarantee cover?

The Openbay Guarantee covers booked services processed through Openbay. We are not able to cover any instances where booking for repair services occur outside the Openbay system. Openbay is not liable for any upcharges, cancellation fees, or any other payment dispute that could occur if service is booked outside of Openbay.

How does the Openbay Guarantee process work?

Openbay is committed to providing peace of mind as it relates to vehicle care. We’ve built numerous safeguards into the system to ensure this experience for all our customers. Should a service dispute arise, the first step is to communicate the concern through the Openbay messaging system with the repair shop directly. In most cases, the customer and repair shop end up resolving issues on their own. However, for instances where this does not occur, the issue will be escalated for review by the Openbay support team. You can also submit your case for review within 30 days of the initial payment.

How do I submit a case for review?

To submit a case for review, send us an email detailing the repair shop and transaction of concern to [email protected].

What will happen after I submit a case for review?

If a case is escalated for review by Openbay, our team will determine the resolution for the dispute.