Which Services Do You Really Need for Scheduled Maintenance?

which scheduled maintenance does my car need?

Have you ever found yourself asking, “Which services do I really need for routine scheduled maintenance for my car?” You don’t want to forgo services that could be potentially harmful if skipped,  but you really don’t want to pay more than you need to. … What to do? 
Relax, the good news is you’ve got everything you need in your glovebox: the maintenance schedule in the back of the owner’s manual.   (psst..Lost your manual? No problem, you can find your vehicle’s maintenance schedule here.) 
Looking for some quick information around maintenance cost and services? Based on our data, we’ve pulled together services required and their costs for a handful of popular cars and trucks, to give you some insight into how diverse maintenance requirements can be, from vehicle to vehicle.
*Always use the manufacturer’s recommendations as a guideline. If your car sees short-trip grocery-getter service, you probably should get more oil changes than recommended. Living at the end of a bad road would suggest more frequent suspension and chassis inspections and lubrication. Dusty locations should make you more concerned about the air filter, and so on.

Car Maintenance Schedule: Average Requirements and Pricing

schedule maintenance cost

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