Then & Now: What Matters Most to Drivers

Imagine if cars could communicate with each other in order to prevent possible collisions? What if you could see a forecast of maintenance updates and costs (and how to lower them) based on your driving habits? How about if your car had the ability to find, book and pay for nearby parking? Vehicle connectivity is paving the way for the future of transportation, but concerns over affordability, safety and privacy will play a critical role in how certain features are prioritized and governed.

Recently, Deloitte surveyed more than 25,000 automotive consumers in 20 countries to gauge public opinion of critical industry issues and consumer expectations. Viewpoints are split in some areas, but most drivers can agree that they want certain features in their vehicle that save them money and time.

Here’s a breakdown of consumer interest in the following connectivity features:

It’s no surprise that in a world where time is money and money is time, the highest level of interest surrounds time saving features (route optimization to avoid traffic), with safety and cost trailing closely behind.

When it comes to hesitations and potential roadblocks, data security is a trending concern. Consumers want to know who will manage the data being generated and shared by the vehicle; the dealer, OEM or the government. In the US, 63% percent of consumers are somewhat/very concerned about the concept of biometric data being captured and shared with external parties.

From a safety standpoint, recent headlines about autonomous vehicles are causing people to pump the brakes on their interest level. As autonomous vehicles get closer to becoming a scalable reality, 65% of US consumers feel that media reports of accidents involving AVs have made them more cautious of the technology.

Changing consumer behavior is no easy task. Most consumers have grown to expect a digitally enhanced experience in every aspect of their lives. In the next few years, we will see the auto and tech industries respond by giving the consumers what they are conditioned to expect. Openbay is a part of that movement, delivering a modern experience for consumers looking for hassle-free car care at the touch of a button. The future of mobility is filled with possibilities. Here at Openbay, we can’t wait to see what lies on the road ahead.

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