What Kinds of Cars Get Into More Accidents

Cars on Highway - Accident Prone

If you’re in the market for a new car (or a new old car, as is the case if you’re shopping the used market) you’ve probably got a lot of questions. If you don’t, you’re either extremely well educated on the subject and have done your research, or you’re not thinking it through. One of the first questions you should be asking is “How do I ensure my safety when choosing a car?” With a bit of research, you’ll be able to help prevent car accidents.
Of course, this isn’t an exact science. The fact is, there are plenty of factors that contribute to car accidents and many times it has nothing at all to do with what’s being driven as opposed to how it’s being driven. With that in mind, here are some factoids that should help you determine what kind of car to buy for maximum safety.

  • Powerful Cars

    Cars with a lot of power under the hood are more frequently involved in accidents. You can chalk this up to the assumption that people who choose cars with powerful engines tend to be a lot more aggressive behind the wheel, therefore putting themselves at a greater risk for being involved in an accident. But there’s also another element involved – sometimes people who drive powerful cars who don’t really know how to drive them.

  • Compact Cars

    Two-door compact cars are more likely to get into accidents than their larger cousins, four-door sedans. The reason? Being smaller and more capable of weaving in and out of traffic can sometimes encourage this risky behavior, which naturally puts a driver in a higher risk category.

  • Cars in Dark Colors

    A car’s color may have a lot to do with its tendency to get hit by other vehicles. Black cars are said to be the most prone to blending in with the background, but this also includes silver and grey cars, as well as red and blue. The safest color to drive? White and orange, both of which stand a far better chance of being seen in another driver’s peripheral vision.

  • Cars That are Ill-Maintained

    Cars that haven’t been properly maintained are also susceptible to being involved in car accidents. This is something of a no-brainer. Consider how well a car with old, worn out brake pads would perform if it had to stop on a dime to avoid a hazard on the road. Likewise, if the car you’re driving is in such poor shape that it’s lost all pickup, you’re far less capable of zipping out of the path of danger.

  • Cars Missing Safety Features

    Vehicles that are missing basic safety features like rear view mirrors, side view mirrors, or that have broken taillights can be an outright danger on the road, putting yourself and everyone around you at risk of colliding. If you’re thinking about buying a car that’s missing any of its safety features, do so only if you intend on having them fixed as soon as possible.

Don’t forget the truly important fact of road safety: the safest cars on the road are those driven by people who are safe drivers. Even a clunker can get you from Point A to Point B safely if you exercise defensive driving and heed the rules of the road.

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