How Virtual Service Advisor Otis Helps Award-Winning Turbo Tim’s Anything Automotive Go Above and Beyond for Customers

virtual service advisor

Turbo Tim’s service appointments achieved a compounded monthly growth rate of 31% (CMGR) over a 6-month period using the Virtual Service Advisor Otis by Openbay 

Award-winning Turbo Tim’s Anything Automotive is not your average automotive shop. Turbo Tim Suggs opened Turbo Tim’s Anything Automotive in 2006 with the goal to not only fix cars, but give their customers a great experience – and learn a few things about auto repair. Tim runs the shop with his wife Rachel and a skilled team of expert mechanics and technicians. 

The ‘Anything’ in Turbo Tim’s name refers to the range of services they offer, and, most of all, to the attitude and energy Tim, Rachel and the team bring to their renowned customer service. From offering educational auto repair events and hosting concerts (literally putting the ‘garage’ in garage band) to obsessing about each customer request,  Turbo Tim’s always goes above and beyond to wow their customers. Turbo Tim’s customers value this extra effort: they are rated the #1 auto repair shop in the greater Minneapolis, MN area year after year.

Making More Time for Customers with a Virtual Service Advisor

Turbo Tim’s is a NAPA AutoCare Center with consistently high customer demand. Because of this, for Tim it’s critical to operate efficiently,  “For us, time management is a big thing.” Tim is always on the lookout for time saving tools. His search led him to Openbay Otis, the Virtual Service Advisor that instantly engages website visitors in personalized conversations 24/7, automatically. “Having Otis is like having a bargain employee,” explains Tim. “Otis makes it easy for people to find out about us, get an estimate and book their service all online – automatically.” 

Once Tim installed Otis on his business website, he discovered even more upside: an empowered and educated customer. “Otis saves us time and brings us a customer who knows what to expect,” shares Tim. Turbo Tim’s customers actively engage with Otis. In the past 6 months, 75% of Otis appointments were scheduled by vehicle owners during business hours, freeing up Tim and his team’s time to focus on other critical work. Plus, 76% of appointments were booked within 5 days or less, keeping Tim’s bays full. Otis lets Tim’s customers take action on their own terms and keeps Turbo Tim’s business running strong.

A Time Saver That Brings in Customers

Tim and his team set up an easy way of working to get them closer to their customers. “It’s a simple process. We check our emails for messages from Openbay then check our bookings. We link the two together and know which customers came from Otis in advance. Then, we’re ready for them when they walk in the door.”

For Tim, Otis is an easy solution to help him achieve ambitious business goals while meeting his high customer service expectations. Tim’s conclusion? “It’s a great, unique product that works well. It’s a time saver for my team. It brings us leads and brings us customers. It’s worth trying it out to see what it can do for you.”

Otis on Turbo Tim’s Website by the Numbers

In months where the automotive service industry typically experiences a downturn in revenue due to seasonality , Otis held more than 160 conversations with website visitors over a 30-day period; scheduled more than 110 service appointments; created over 30 new contacts and delivered over 25 service quotes.


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