Tuffy Tire & Auto Uses AI-powered Conversations to Build Quality Connections from the Start

How Tuffy Tire and Auto Uses Openbay Otis to Deliver a More Personalized Customer Experience

In 1970, the first Tuffy Muffler shop opened in Detroit, MI. To keep up with the changing times, they’ve continued to change and evolve, expanding from just a muffler shop to a national full-service tire and auto center. What hasn’t changed? Tuffy Tire & Auto Service’s mission to provide the best auto repair service in the industry through a continuous commitment to quality and customer service. 

Ned Myers, the owner of two Tuffy franchise locations in the greater Des Moines, IA area, has successfully managed his local businesses for over 28 years. He knows from experience that tire and auto service consumers shop for more than price – they want quality and customer service, too. Ned’s mindset is to provide his customers with the best service every time. 

Keeping Up with Today’s Digital Customers

It’s no surprise that a secret to Ned’s success is knowing his customers. Ned realized his customers were starting their automotive customer journey online more than ever. Ned was right: According to Gartner, by 2020 85% of consumers will engage with a business without human interaction. The Tuffy Tire & Auto Service team is committed to staying on top of new technology and practices to meet his consumer’s changing needs. This customer-first focus led Ned and the Tuffy team to Openbay Otis. 

Openbay Otis is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered messaging platform that operates automatically, 24/7, and engages website visitors in a personalized conversation. Otis will take questions from a website visitor and respond with information custom to their needs. For example, if a visitor wants pricing information on a service or repair specific to their year-make-model vehicle, Otis will generate the estimate in real-time. Otis will also allow a consumer to book an appointment. And if the visitor wants to communicate via text (SMS), Otis will deliver. Ned installed Openbay Otis on his local Tuffy Tire & Auto Service website and soon discovered Otis’ conversations helped conversion. “It’s the convenience factor. Openbay Otis has really helped my business schedule appointments. In fact, right now, 98% of the time a customer appointment is scheduled through Otis. Most of my customers enjoy using it more than a traditional form.”

Quality Connections that Convert into Customer Growth

Ned is impressed with Openbay Otis’ capabilities and how it helps him stay close to his customers: “It’s hard to tell its artificial intelligence,” states Ned. “We follow up with all of our customers. Once we hear from them, we call them or use Otis’ texting capabilities to reach out.” For Ned, these first conversations are the key to long term business growth. He explains, “We like how Otis brings in the leads. Any time you get a lead, it’s up to us to make something out of it.” 

Ned’s advice to an automotive service business considering Openbay Otis? “You won’t know what Otis can do for you unless you give it a try. It might do for you what it’s done for my business.” Ned wraps up, “‘Done Right. Period.’ is more than just a slogan at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service. We believe in providing the best service for customers every time. With Openbay Otis, we get quality connections from the start.“


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