Meet Erika, "Truly Loved" using Openbay for her Repair in LA


A faulty alternator led to Erika’s car becoming inoperable. She needed to get her car fixed right away and came across Openbay online. Without hesitation, she put Openbay to the task of finding a local trustworthy auto repair center to replace her alternator and she’s glad she did – Openbay delivered. In her own words, “I truly love Openbay”.

 Where do you live, and what type of vehicle do you drive? 

I live in Los Angeles, CA, and I drive two vehicles: a 2009 Nissan Maxima SV, and a 2012 Chrysler 200.

How did you find Openbay? 

My primary car that I use during the week is more than 6 years old and was due for 100,000 mile scheduled maintenance. I did not want to pay a fortune, so I was searching the web for the best place to take it and to get an idea of the cost for the service. Openbay kept popping up in all my searches, and I was curious to see more information about their service.

What service did you get for your vehicle?

Initially, I was searching for the 100,000 mile scheduled maintenance but had to put that on hold because my other car stopped on me suddenly. We thought it was the battery, but soon learned it was the alternator. I could not just put this on hold, so I had to move quickly. I decided to put Openbay to the test, and was glad I decided to use this service.

Has Openbay delivered as you had expected?

Yes, indeed! I will be completely honest. I was a bit skeptical because Openbay sounded too good to be true. The quotes I received were very affordable, and that’s what had me suspicious. So, I decided to put Openbay to the test and I am so glad I did.
The turnaround time for quotes from local shops and the time to schedule the service was pretty quick. In fact, I received an email from the service advisor who made me feel like this was not just web-based, but I had someone I could turn to for questions and reassurance, if needed.

What was the biggest benefit to using Openbay?

The biggest benefit for me is peace of mind. Openbay gave me peace of mind, and did not try to offer me stuff I didn’t need.

Prior to Openbay, where did you learn about auto repair shops near you?

I typically use the dealership for most of my needs. However, with some of the more costly service needs, I will take my vehicles to Sears or Firestone for service. Now, that I found Openbay, I don’t think I’ll ever use the other auto-repair shops again.

Would you use Openbay again?

Absolutely. I truly love Openbay!

Do you plan to tell your friends and family about Openbay?

Yes. In fact, I told my friends about Openbay and showed them the mobile app on my phone.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Yes. If you are looking for reliability, honestly, and efficiency, then search no more!

If Erika has convinced you, join Openbay today!

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