Top 5 Low Maintenance Cars

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Buying a car is a long term investment. Unless you’re made of money, you’re going to want to shop smart – and that includes narrowing down your choices to the makes and models that are least likely to require frequent repair. Here’s our rundown of the top 5 low maintenance cars on the road.
Top 5 low maintenance cars

  • Honda Fit – Honda lovers will be delighted to know that the Japanese car maker is still rolling out the hits, as evidenced by the subcompact Fit, which is said to get killer gas mileage in addition to being one of the cars least likely to require repairs.
  • Ford Mustang – We’re not talking about classic Mustangs here, but those handsome bodied late model deals you’ve seen tooling around turning heads. To minimize the need for frequent repair, stay away from specialty models and stick with the basic V6 or V8 versions.
  • Ford Fusion – Yet another smash hit for those with less of a desire to go flashy is the Fusion, which comes in four cylinder and V6 models that are said to be one of the most dependable American made vehicles on the road today.
  • Toyota Highlander – If you’re looking for a long lasting SUV crossover that can perform double duty as commuter car or family roadster, this is it.
  • Mazda Miata – Great news for those in the market for “fun” cars that are known to outlast the competition. The Miata’s got plenty of horsepower under the hood!

Of course, not everyone can afford to buy a new car. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t aim for certain makes that are far less likely to give you trouble and have you racing to the repair shop every several months. The car manufacturers that are widely known to have a more sterling reputation with respect to low maintenance cars are Honda, Toyota, Lexus, and Chrysler.
According to the experts, the average age of most cars on the road is around 10 years. While this bodes well for the odds of you finding a car that will last well beyond your repayment plan, the most important factor to ensuring that happens is keeping up on your car’s maintenance schedule. Even the most expensive car in the world will fall apart if you don’t take care of it, and vehicles that are known for being particularly persnickety can surprise you with their longevity if they’re well cared for.
The good news is that for the most part – barring getting stuck with a lemon – your vehicle’s ability to keep chugging along healthily is entirely up to you. Keeping up with routine maintenance is important, but it’s not everything. Get involved in your car’s health by learning all you can about how it runs. You don’t have to get officially certified – but knowing enough to stick your head under the hood every so often to check the condition of your belts, hoses, and fluid levels is absolutely critical.
With all of this in mind, don’t flake on your responsibilities as a dutiful car owner. It’s this very attentiveness that’ll make all the difference in the world when squeezing the maximum life out of every car you’ll ever own.