Tons of Tips for Blizzard-Bound Drivers

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Governors in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island have restricted non-essential travel due to extreme weather.

Here’s how the streets of downtown Boston look right now – better suited to a romantic walk than a drive!

Are you blizzard-bound, but planning to throw caution to the wind and drive through the storm? We’ve got 11 different articles with tons of tips to keep you on the right track.

In case you absolutely must drive, here are some of Openbay’s best-hit tips to help you weather the worst of winter storms:

With luck, these tips will keep you out of the snow drifts and safely on the roads. And whenever you need to book service for your vehicle, whether you’re in need of new tires or just an oil change, book your vehicle repair and maintenance with Openbay. It’s the only way to book local car repair and maintenance nationwide online or via the Openbay mobile app.
Safe driving, and let us know how you fare!
Image credits: Team Openbay on the road