"This is the Future” — Press Reaction to OpenbayConnect

Openbay Connect News

Last week at the NY Auto Show, Openbay announced OpenbayConnect, which will remotely determine cause, cost and availability to perform the repair by local mechanics, answering virtually every driver’s need for efficient, affordable auto repair service.
This is huge news. But don’t take our word for it. See below for links to a selection articles about OpenbayConnect, and excerpts of expert commentary from business, automotive and tech outlets:
Wall Street Journal:

“This is just one demonstration of how in-car connectivity to the Internet could alter business models.”

Men’s Journal:

“While it seems like there genuinely is an app for everything, this is the first app we know of that gives live diagnosis of check-engine light faults (decoding these has typically meant going to an auto parts store or the dealer), and pings your phone to tell you whether the issue is catastrophic or merely concerning.”
“When you’re in the middle of a road trip and that light comes on, this can be a huge help.”

Yahoo! Autos:

“Maybe even old cars could get a bit smarter, even if their owners don’t pay attention.”


“It gives consumers leverage they’ve never had before when delving into the often nefarious world of car repairs.”

Detroit Free Press:

“’The driver won’t ‘have to lift a finger,’ Openbay CEO Rob Infantino said.”
“Autotrader senior analyst Michelle Krebs said. ‘As cars become more connected, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.’“

Boston Herald:

“’The reality of it is, this is the future,’ said John Paul, ‘Car Doctor’ for AAA New England. ‘This part is cutting-edge right now, and the concept sounds great.’”


Don’t believe us OR the experts? Try Openbay today, or the next time your vehicle needs regular service or repair.