Show, Don’t Tell: The Power of Video in Gaining Your Customers Trust


Show, Don’t Tell: The Power of Video in Gaining Your Customers Trust

“There are two big issues in the [automotive] industry right now: how to attract more qualified people and COI. We all talk about return on investment, or ROI, but the progressive state of mind is just as important, and missing that means the COI – the cost of ignoring.” – Frank Leutz, Owner, Desert Car Care Center of Chandler, Arizona

Would you consider your business to be on the cutting edge? Chances are a majority of your current customer base and talent pool consists of Millennials, and your future target will be Generation Z. Also known as digital natives, these generations are used to everything digitized. In fact, Gen Z is the first and only generation born after the advent of the internet.

The Cost of Ignoring (COI)

As Frank mentioned above, the COI should be at the forefront of consideration for all business owners and managers. Technological advancements shape consumer expectations, so it’s essential to identify trends and evolve accordingly.

Does your repair shop have a social media presence and an up-to-date website? Are you one of the first in the auto industry to add conversational artificial intelligence to your website? Do you offer helpful how-to videos and blog articles? If so, then you’re on the right track.

A New Way to Build Trust   

Keeping up with digital trends is one hurdle. Another big one is building trust. As Ratchet+Wrench pointed out, one of the most common customer misconceptions is that “you’re trying to sell me something that I don’t need.” One effective way to debunk this myth is through the power of video. We’ve all heard “a picture is worth a thousand words”. If that’s the case, a video must be worth at least a million. We’re seeing more and more independent repair shops, dealerships and national service centers harnessing the power of video to show, rather than tell their customers the problem. And those customers are taking notice.   

Show Me the Problem, and I’ll Show You the Money

Companies such as AutoServe1, AutoVitalsBolt On and Truvideo offer video and texting platforms designed specifically for auto repair shops. Technicians can easily record their inspection process and share with the customer via text. This provides a confidence-inspiring confirmation that the technician’s findings are legitimate. When a customer can see and understand the recommendations on their vehicle, they are more likely to move forward. Not only is video education great for the customer, it’s also a smart way to build revenue. AutoServe1’s digital inspection tool is proven to increase the average repair order by over 25%. Shops using Truvideo’s Service App see a 15-20% increase in average repair order and a boost in Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) scores.

Eliminating Barriers to Entry

Distrust in auto repair can run deep, especially for women. In the male-dominated auto repair industry, a common misconception is that women don’t know as much (or anything) about cars. In fact, studies have shown that, because of this stereotype, women are more likely to be overcharged than men. Yet, businesses can’t afford the Cost of Ignoring this customer segment, since women spend over $300 billion on vehicle maintenance and repair each year across the globe.

Direct Tire and Auto Service, a trusted provider in the Openbay Network, communicates with customers with real-time videos via text. Their 5-star reviews from female customers are a strong testament to power of video:

I have experienced mechanic shops who try to take advantage of me because I am a woman and they have (wrongly) assumed I don’t know anything about cars. I have had repairs that these other places have insisted are immediate emergency situations and they turned out to be fabricated and unnecessary. When I come to this shop however, I am never talked down to, and they show me a video of what they see and explain everything clearly and I couldn’t be happier with the level of respect I’ve been shown! I won’t take my car anywhere else. I have already brought my best friend, my 3 grown daughters and my mother to service their cars here and will tell anyone else who will listen to come here first!” – Star

An Educated Customer is the Best Kind of Customer

Educating the consumer about what’s really going on with their vehicle, and having the evidence to back it up is the key to building long-term, loyal customers. It’s important to create empowerment in the decision making process, regardless of the customer’s knowledge about vehicles, thus creating trust at the point of purchase. On top of contributing to increased average repair orders, digital inspection videos are a proven way to improve the customer experience, and thus increase loyalty and retention.

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