Secret Sauce for New Openbay Service Provider’s Success is Revealed, After 3,000-Mile Journey

Openbay - Gabriel's Hot Sauce

The Openbay office was abuzz last night when Big Mike, in partner development, received a small package in the mail. It had traveled nearly 3,000 miles, from Chino, CA to Cambridge, MA, and was sent by a new service provider Mike had recently signed up – Gabriel’s Auto & Towing.
We were excited to have Gabriel’s join Openbay – it’s ASE-certified and has fantastic reviews, thanks to its commitment to outstanding customer service. But there was more to it: while speaking with Mike, Gabriel revealed a secret ingredient that helps drive his shop’s success: hot sauce. A few days later, the box arrived – Gabriel had made good on his promise to send Mike and the Openbay team some hot sauce.


Big Mike takes delivery of the secret sauce, sent to Openbay HQ from Gabriel’s Automotive in Chino, CA.

We couldn’t wait to try it, so used Gabriel’s generosity as an excuse to order burritos (from Boca Grande: highly recommended!) for lunch today. Mother nature coordinated, serving up 74-degree weather, and we enjoyed our perfectly spicy meal on the roof deck.
To everyone at Gabriel’s Auto, biggest thanks from the Openbay crew. We’ll be on the hunt for a Boston delicacy to reciprocate with, and will drop you a note once it’s in the mail. Until then, you’ve got some fans in Cambridge. Thank you!