Samsung Announces Openbay as a Connected Car Partner

Samsung Connect Companies
Samsung Connect Auto works with a “partner ecosystem” that includes the likes of Openbay, AT&T, Cisco, Ericcson, Europcar and IBM.

This weekend, Samsung announced “Samsung Connect Auto,” an ecosystem of partners that will promote true interoperability for connected cars. Openbay, the online marketplace for auto repair, is proud to be among the Samsung Connect Auto partners.
The announcement, about the marketplace for the connected car, earned the attention of top tech press, including CNET, Re/code, ZDNET, Android Central and Android Headlines.

Following the press announcement, the Samsung team presented details in a presentation called, “The Car, Connected” at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 22. Here are a few snaps from the crowd –

Hyesung Ha, SVP Business, Samsung Electronics, presents The Future of Connected Cars –

According to IHS, within within five years, vehicles-in-operation (VIO) will explode to 1.4-billion total cars in the world. (There are currently about 250-million vehicles on U.S. roads.)

Increasingly, vehicles are becoming connected via smartphones, helping drivers in life and business.

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