Car Repair Shops – You Need This App

Openbay ASP Teaser

Just as virtually everything and everyone has moved online, it’s not enough – the world’s gone mobile! The average American spends 4.7 hours per day on a mobile device.
This may be a tough pill to swallow in a world where many repair shops still exist offline. We’re still pretty astonished to find many service centers don’t have a web site or even a page on Facebook – where the average US consumer now spends about 40 minutes per day (that’s nearly 20% of all time spent online!) . … But we digress.
Here’s the great news – there’s now a mobile app built just for you: repair shop owner operators, dealership service advisors, mobile mechanics, you name it. OpenbayASP (for automotive service professionals) is a mobile platform for you to attract and engage with customers in your neighborhood. Using OpenbayASP, you can respond to incoming service requests, message with customers, schedule appointments and complete the transactions.

Brake Comparison
Don’t you think your customers would love you for sending an image like this of new vs. old brake pads? We agree! OpenbayASP enables photo, video and text messages so you can share news of what’s up with your customers’ vehicles. Remember: while auto repair may not be exciting news to you (you do this all day), your customers love seeing details about their repair work, and where their money’s being spent. Informed customers = happy customers = loyal customers.

Here are a few reasons OpenbayASP is great for you –

  • Its cost can’t be beat – it’s free! Just use your Openbay sign-on and you’re in.
  • See incoming service requests in real time – no need to dedicate time sitting at the service counter on a computer. You’ll get an alert with every incoming request, and can respond whenever and from wherever.
  • Be more responsive. We’ve all experienced frustration with not being able to contact a business (let’s say a bank) off hours. With OpenbayASP, if you want to reply to a request, or message with a customer from your sofa during a commercial break for a Patriots game, go for it. Your customers will love you for it.
Guys on Couch
Is your team losing, or are you being subjected to a re-run of the Housewives of [insert city]? Hop onto OpenbayASP and make the most of your time – quote jobs, message with customers, right from the comfort of your living room (or wherever!).
  • Messaging with customers – want to send a picture of a rusty brake pad to a curious customer? Done. Want to send a video showing worn parts that need replacing within the year? Done. Sick of leaving voicemails (that nobody listens to) saying a car is ready, and would you rather send a text? Done. Do it all from your phone using OpenbayASP.
  • Closing deals on the go – as you walk through the completed work with your customer, you can close the deal right from the garage or back lot. If you’ve got OpenbayASP, you can complete the transaction and process payment from anywhere.
  • More reasons – yes, it’s true: there are more reasons. For the full run-down, check out the OpenbayASP press release here.

OpenbayASP was developed in response to feedback from many of our active shops. One shop owner even said to us, “This is great – now I can respond to an incoming request while waiting for the oil to drain out of a car.” [Note: we don’t necessarily recommend this, but you get the idea – it’s truly that easy to use!]


If you haven’t downloaded OpenbayASP yet, we can’t recommend it enough (can you tell?). Aside from it allowing you to work when, and from where you want, it enables you to be super responsive to your customers, who will be beyond appreciative, and maybe astonished that auto repair is not only online… it’s mobile!
Download OpenbayASP here (right now!) or learn more about it here.
Image credit: Kevin Dooley; Russell James Smith, flickr (middle image: Openbay)