Poll: Are You a Car-Care Boss, or an Auto Neglector?

#CarCareBoss v. #AutoNeglector

You Might Be a #CarCareBoss If:


  • You carry a tire-pressure gauge in your pocket at all times, and will pull the car over on the highway to check if you sense one tire is a couple of pounds off.
  • You rely on the local police/fire stations to install your kids’ car seats every time. They know you by now.
  • You’re quietly horrified if someone mentions needing a tune-up.
  • You wake up early on a Saturday morning to clean your dashboard with a Q-tip.
  • When you purchase a new vehicle, or one that’s “new to you,” you get a beer or glass of wine, and read the owner’s manual, cover-to-cover (”light reading,” as Lauren Fix, The Car Coach refers to it!)
  • You bring your car in for scheduled maintenance, 100 miles ahead of time.
  • You’ve never been stranded by the road side, waiting for a tow truck, and you do all you can to ensure that will never happen.
  • You love the smell of an AutoZone; it has you feeling like a kid in a candy store.
  • All of the above and/or this doesn’t even begin to cover it!


You Might Be an #AutoNeglector If:




  • You hold gnomes responsible for your vehicle’s bad behavior.
  • You’ll wait for your car to start smoking, or become inoperable, before you head to the shop.
  • You’ve driven down the road and had other drivers point out something that’s wrong with your vehicle, like the squeaking of a belt. That’s what louder music is for, right?
  • You’ve been denied an Annual Vehicle Inspection.
  • You’ve driven with a check-engine light on. For months.
  • You know the feeling of your brake pedal going from spongy, to low, to, “Oh snap, I just blew that stop sign!”
  • You have no idea when you last got new tires.
  • You’ve ever driven with a headlight out for weeks at a time.

So tell us – are you a #CarCareBoss or an #AutoNeglector?
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