Meet Pavel, Who Booked His Silicon Valley Auto Repair Online

Silicon Valley Auto Repair Pavel VW

Pavel recently moved to Santa Clara, CA, and wasn’t sure where to look for his automotive repair. After looking for a more modern, innovative way to get car repairs than having to call every shop he found online to compare options, he turned to Openbay. Here’s his story.

Where do you live, and what type of vehicle do you drive?

I live in Santa Clara, CA and I drive a Volkswagen Tiguan.

How did you find Openbay?

I initially stumbled upon Openbay by Google search because I was looking for a more advanced solution to servicing my car. I had looked at some other companies that offer similar services to Openbay, and ultimately I chose Openbay because I liked having a range of options. It was easy to submit my request and review the quotes.

Prior to Openbay, how did you learn about auto-repair shops near you?

I’m new to the country, so this was the first time I’d needed to find a mechanic. I wasn’t sure where to start when I needed my car serviced, and looked for something online to help. I have a fairly limited understanding of repairs, and Openbay did all the research for me, so it was really easy.
Silicon Valley Auto Repair

What made you choose your shop, and how did everything go?

The main reason I’d chosen the shop — Bloom Autos, in Santa Clara — was the location; it was really close to me, and the shop reviews online were good.
The shop was perfect. The owner was friendly. It was very simple place, but I don’t care much about how it looks. The price was reasonable, and there were no issues.  
Silicon Valley Auto Repair

Would you book through Openbay again?

Yes, it worked perfectly well for me. Basically, Openbay does the job that not many people do. Instead of spending time doing the research on different auto-repair shops, now I’ll just ask Openbay to do it.
I also like that booking through Openbay is more safe and secure than if I were to book service on my own. Once I receive the price on a particular job, I like knowing that it’s guaranteed.
I live in Silicon Valley, where we like modern ways to do basic things, so the overall idea of Openbay is very nice.
Silicon Valley Auto Repair

Now that you’ve heard Pavel’s experience, are you ready to give Openbay a try?

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