Part III: Automotive Service Businesses Need to Shift Into Digital Gear to Accelerate Business Growth

Written for automotive service businesses. Part III of a Multi-Part series. 

Openbay is a subscription service platform and an online marketplace that should be part of your daily business operation. Openbay focuses on delivering a frictionless and pain free end-to-end experience for drivers seeking automotive repair and service. Your business should be on the delivery side of this experience.

Part III Focuses On Understanding the Driver Journey for Automotive Services 

In Part I of this Multi-Part series, we discuss two important tools for your customer acquisition toolbox: Openbay Profile and Openbay Service Advisor. Two must-have tools. In Part II, we discuss another important, must-have tool: Access to the Openbay marketplace. In Part III, we cover the driver journey seeking automotive services.

According to Google

According to research performed by Google+ Sterling(1), 43% of drivers perform a search online or
on their phone when deciding where to take their vehicle for service. Although the survey was conducted in July 2013, we estimate the percentage increased to more than 70% when focusing on the younger generation segment of drivers (dare we say “millennials”). 
Drivers will turn to search to guide them in their decision before contacting a friend or family member for advice. Drivers feel empowered with search. Drivers can find accurate information quicker than requesting guidance manually (asking / texting someone). Once a driver finds an online source for the information they are seeking, they now expect this information to be relevant to the problem they are trying to solve or taking it a step further, personalized to their needs.
Automotive service businesses that can meet the expectations of the driver requesting information has the competitive edge  on capturing and converting the driver to a paying customer. If the driver has a great experience getting their vehicle serviced, they become the next talking head in their online review of your business. This all contributes to accelerating business growth and staying ahead of your competition.

Driver’s Online Shopping Expectations 

Drivers expect easy access to relevant information, immediate and personalized responses to their questions, and a way to book appointments and purchase service on mobile or web. The service booking process should be friction-free and without hassle. 
It’s time for a change – shopping for automotive services does not have to be complicated and painful. There are many new and innovative online tools to help drivers make decisions for automotive services and to book their service appointment. 

Automotive Shops – The Time To Change Is Now 

For the automotive service business owner, it’s important to understand the path and actions taken by drivers in their journey to acquire automotive services:

  • Social sites visited frequently – gain mindshare prior to drive need
  • Advertising that strikes a cord – mindshare
  • Automotive sites or forums visited
  • Access to information; customer reviews, travel time to a shop, service pricing
  • Ease of engagement – book an appointment online without having to engage a human

Today’s drivers are savvy and armed with information. The more a business understands the modern-day driver and their habits, the better positioned the business will be to serve their needs when deciding on a service provider.
Businesses positioned across multiple online channels will increase their awareness. Businesses that leverage interactive online tools to engage the driver will increase their opportunity to satisfy driver information and purchasing needs.
Openbay has the knowledge and tools needed to shift your business into digital gear to accelerate business growth. 

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(1) Google+ Sterling Driver Insights Study. Google Consumer Surveys “What online research did you perform prior to deciding where to take your vehicle for service?” Adults 18-44. n=239 June 2013

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