Openbay Rolls Out New "Openbay Recommended" Feature

As you know by now, Openbay is the modern way to book auto repair – let us know what you need, and within a few clicks, you’ll get quotes from auto-repair centers near you. Our network is composed of independent shops, franchise dealerships, and mobile mechanics. Openbay delivers its users an average of four quotes per request, and users select a shop based on the following reasons (and in this order): 1) location, 2) ratings and reviews, and 3) price. Believe it or not, price is not the primary motivator – 70% of Openbay users do not select the lowest-priced quote. Understandably, they want to ensure their wheels are in great hands.
Our goal is to make the car-repair process as frictionless (read: pain-free) as possible. We know it’s a nuisance. Your vehicle’s broken, you haven’t budgeted for this, you don’t know a good mechanic, you don’t understand what’s wrong, you don’t have time to take it to the shop, you can’t be without wheels for long, you aren’t sure what it should cost – the list goes on – it can be overwhelming. So we’ve introduced one little feature to make your life easier: a recommendation. Because, amid all the annoying factors involved with auto repair, you just want someone to tell you what to do, right? Now, we can help.
When you receive auto repair quotes, and are still wondering where the heck to go, we’ll steer you in the right direction, and it’ll look like this:

Openbay Recommended highlights Openbay’s top shops. And here’s the best news: that’s based on a completely unbiased system; no shop can pay its way up the rankings to preferred status – every Openbay Recommended service center has earned its stripes.
What does a shop have to do to earn this status?

  • Have great ratings and reviews: as always on Openbay, only customers who’ve completed a transaction on Openbay may review that shop. And these businesses have earned top marks.
  • Be responsive: every Openbay Recommended shop responds quickly to incoming customer messages. A dream come true when you’re inquiring about when your wheels will be ready, or if you’re looking for details on your vehicle’s needs. Also, these shops are more likely to confirm your desired appointment faster.
  • Have AutoQuotes enabled: what does that mean to you, as a customer? About half of the automotive services you request will automatically generate real quotes, based on that shop’s parts and labor rates.
  • Have a completed profile: want more details in the shop’s amenities, like wi-fi, or loaner cars? Want to know the certifications held by the mechanics in that shop, which elements of the service are under warranty, and want to see shop photos? These businesses pages have comprehensive profiles.

OK, ready to find the right shop for you and your vehicle(s)? Check out Openbay online or via mobile app today. And if you’re a shop, download our new mobile app, OpenbayASP, created just for our automotive service professionals.
Safe driving!