Openbay Launches New Blog

Boston, MA — June 17, 2012 — Openbay, Inc., the industry’s first online marketplace that transforms how people get their cars repaired and maintained, launched a new blog that will promote helpful articles on how to properly maintain and extend the life of motor vehicles. The intended audience for the new blog will be vehicle owners; heads of household, the busy executive, the soccer mom or dad, and businesses that manage a fleet of vehicles.

“The theme of the blog is to offer general advice on maintaining vehicles to the masses without heavy technical speak, “ says Robert Infantino, CEO and Founder of Openbay.

New entries to the blog are planned regularly and will be covered on its pages listed on social networks. We will encourage our readers to contribute their thoughts on each topic. Topics planned for coverage include:

  •  Hallmarks of a reputable auto repair shop,
  • 5 signs your mechanic is ripping you off,
  •  Auto repair horror stories,
  •  Getting a second opinion for your auto repair,
  •  Should you get your car repaired at an independent auto repair shop or a dealership,
  • 5 common car repair myths – busted.
  •  And many more

The blog will also focus on empowering the consumer with information about auto repair so they can decide when a repair should be handled by a professional or performed by the vehicle owner. One blog post will talk about repairs and general maintenance that can be performed without a trip to the auto repair shop.

Press Contacts:

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