Openbay Covered in USA Today- "There's an app for that!"

USA Today - Openbay Feature

ICYMI (that’s “in case you missed it” for the non-millenials), Openbay was in USA Today!
In the article, “Need Help? Travel Industry Gets More Responsive,” USA Today’s smart-travel columnist and consumer advocate, Christopher Elliott advises readers, “Don’t Wait – There’s an App for that!”
Here’s the bit where Openbay is mentioned, and for the full article, click here.

I need a good mechanic. That’s the idea behind Openbay (, an app that bills itself as an online marketplace for car repair and maintenance. You post the problem; it gathers real quotes from local mechanics. And it has a cool, new feature: the ability to diagnose your mechanical problem remotely, in real time.

Want a peek at Openbay’s mobile app? Look no further –

Next time you’re in need of automotive repair/maintenance – whether it’s a simple oil change or as complex (and expensive!) as a catalytic converter replacement, Openbay has you covered. Try it today!