Did You Know: Openbay Delivers Multiple Auto-Repair Quotes

Auto Repair Quotes

Did You Know: Openbay’s web and mobile app delivers consumers with about four auto-repair quotes per service request? That’s what happens, and it happens at lightning speed, compared to the alternative, as (painfully) outlined below.

When your vehicle is in need of repair or maintenance, odds are you’ll search online for a quality repair shop that can complete the job. According to Google (in 2013), 43% of drivers search online for a service center when it’s time for repair and maintenance. By now, that number is surely higher. But when you actually want to book the auto repair, there’s more to it.

Let’s assume you know what’s wrong with your car, and that you have a good sense of what needs to be repaired. Your work isn’t yet done! Here’s a sample of how searching for a quote from an auto repair shop might look, if one weren’t using Openbay.

  1. Search for “auto repair near me”
  2. Look at a shop’s web page
  3. Check out the shop’s reviews on Google + and Yelp, maybe check Better Business Bureau
  4. Call the shop to ask for a quote – this might involve waiting while the phone rings excessively. Can’t blame ’em — many repair shops have small staffs, and the same people working on the cars are working the phones.
  5. While on the phone, you’ll have to provide your VIN#. Maybe they’ll have to look up the parts costs and call you back. Or maybe it’s not a good time. For kicks, let’s factor in…
  6. One more phone call
  7. Now, let’s assume you have your quote. But wait — that’s pretty expensive! Tell them you’ll call them back to book.
  8. Head online again, repeat above seven steps, and do that with three more businesses. You’ve now completed 28 steps.
  9. Now that you have four shops’ quotes, you feel a little better about making a decision and booking the service.
  10. Call the shop you’ve chosen, and book an appointment. If it’s after hours, you’ll need to call back, but we’ll assume they’re open.
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Now, here’s how the same process of obtaining auto-repair quotes works with Openbay:

  1. Tell Openbay what you need, whether it’s a particular service, or a general diagnosis. Need scheduled maintenance, based on your manufacturer’s recommendation? We’ll tell you exactly what that service entails.
  2. Next, submit a service request.
  3. Do whatever you like — go back to work, grab a drink with friends, talk a walk, go to the gym.
  4. Check your dashboard — voila! You have received four quotes from local auto-repair shops. All the info you need to compare them is there:
    1. Location, with distance from you, and see it on a map
    2. Ratings and reviews for each, and because we know you like to confirm our actual users aren’t fibbing, you can see reviews and ratings from Yelp and Google within Openbay’s app
    3. Prices for each service, including all parts, labor, taxes and any additional fees.
    4. Extras, ranging from wi-fi to shuttle service and option for early drop-off.
    5. Hours for each shop
    6. Need to ask a question? Message via the app.
  5. Pick a shop, based on the above and book a service.

Comparing quotes for auto repair couldn’t be easier when using Openbay. We gather every single thing you need, so you don’t have to waste time on the phone, comparing quotes. Best of all, if you’re like the average Openbay user, we’ll send you about four quotes per service request you submit.

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If you’re in the process of gather auto repair quotes the old way, stop. Check out Openbay today on Android, iOS and online.

Drive safely!