News: Openbay Adds Android Pay & Multi-Media Messages to Android App

Openbay: Android Pay & Multi-Media Messages

Great news for users of Openbay’s Android mobile app — You can now pay for car repair with Android Pay! And, we’ve added multi-media messaging functionality for the Android app.

About Android Pay on Openbay

Now, when consumers need auto repair and maintenance service, they can compare, book and pay for local automotive service through Openbay without ever having to take out a wallet. With Android Pay, Openbay users may simply tap to pay. Of course, credit and debit card information is never shared.
This also benefits auto repair shops. No need for the hassle of upgrading point-of-sales terminals in order to accept Android Pay. By using Android Pay, those service providers – composed of franchise dealerships, independent shops, and mobile mechanics – lower their risk of responsibility for fraudulent charges.

About Openbay’s Multi-Media Messaging 

Openbay’s Android users may now enjoy another huge benefit — exchanging photos, video and text with their mechanics.
As Autoblog explained Openbay’s multi-media messaging feature, “You no longer need to try and describe a sound or a leak, you can capture it on your phone and show it to the repair person. At the other end, if the wrencher says something’s wrong with your car, you can ask to see photo and video proof of the issue.”
Openbay: Android Pay & Multi-Media Messages
The best way your service provider can properly diagnose a vehicle is via feedback from the person who drives it, or better yet, via the vehicle itself. Sure, we get a kick out of the Car Talk “noise emporium,” and hearing people’s impressions of their cars. But sharing actual photos and videos of your vehicle’s symptoms may cut the time it takes for technicians to replicate the issues you’ve experienced. This feature could wind up saving you a couple of bucks.

Here’s how a video, as sent by your Openbay service provider, might look:

Thanks to Charles, at Humble Mechanic, for creating this demo video.
If you’d like to use Openbay for Android on your next auto repair and maintenance booking, download the Android app here. Openbay is also available in iOS.