Meet Stephanie: This Arlington, Texas Driver Found Openbay via Allstate

stephanie openbay allstate arlington tx

Here’s Stephanie, from Arlington, Texas. She’d needed her PT Cruiser repaired, and found Openbay via Allstate, her insurance company.
Where do you live and what do you drive?
I live in Arlington, TX and drive a 2007 PT Cruiser.
How did you find Openbay?
I’ve had Allstate for a little over a year, and didn’t know about Openbay until I heard about it via Allstate.
I needed my car repaired, so had submitted a service request through Openbay, and then got in touch with Allison at Openbay, who was very helpful. At first, I was thinking, “How do I know it’s the actual price?” but she was very helpful explaining how it worked.
Stephanie Allstate Openbay quote
How’d it go at the shop?
The shop was better than the one by my house. It went really well. They were expecting me, and already knew what was going on, so they’d already had the paperwork done.
When you first heard about it, what attracted you about Openbay?
I like that Openbay had teamed up with Allstate, because that’s a company I trust. I can’t go wrong if you’re already aligned with my insurance company – it’s one of the biggest insurance companies out there.
Do you use any other apps for your cars?
I use the Allstate app, and also have the Drivewise app, which gives me cash for driving safely. And now I have Openbay.
Has Openbay delivered, as you had expected?
Yes. Beyond what I’d expected.
Would you book with the same mechanic again, and if so, would you do it through Openbay?
I would most definitely go through Openbay for big repairs, because I’ve used you before. I appreciate the open communication – that’s big for me.