Meet Peter, Range Rover Driver and Big Fan of Openbay

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As usual, Peter was looking online for a shop that performs quality Range Rover service, when he happened upon Openbay. He was intrigued by the promise of a new way to get his car repaired, so he decided to give us a try.
He was thrilled with the result, and will definitely be back!

Where do you live, and what type of vehicle do you drive?

I live in Boston, MA, and I drive a 2010 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

How did you find Openbay?

I was searching on the web for local automotive repair shops to service my Range Rover Sport and came across Openbay. Interesting message on how they were changing the way we get our cars repaired.

What service did you get for your vehicle? 

I had my rear brake pads and rotors replaced with OE quality parts. I also had an oil and filter service – it was due.

Has Openbay delivered, as you had expected?

Yes, Openbay certainly delivered. I received sixteen (16) competing quotes from shops near me for service. It was a great experience. Thirteen of the sixteen quotes were from shops less than 5 miles from my house. Wow. And four of the sixteen were Openbay Recommended shops – signifying they provided high quality service.
There are real people behind Openbay – the technical staff was extremely attentive to all of my questions regarding the service quotes.  Additionally, they explained the methodology behind how the quotes are generated.  Finally, Paul Rota, my Service Manager at Openbay, went beyond the call of duty in helping resolve a communication issue I had with one of the service providers. He helped resolve my issue quickly and beyond my expectations. Paul is truly an asset to Openbay!

What was the biggest benefit to using Openbay? 

Having multiple service quotes from local repair shops to review and select from. There are not too many shops that can service Range Rovers, so I was excited to see a selection of qualified shops presented to me. Additionally, it was helpful to have ratings and reviews of those repair shops.

Prior to Openbay, where did you learn about auto repair shops near you?

I also use Google to perform searches on any car related question I have to include where to get my car serviced.

Would you use Openbay again?

Yes! Certainly! I like the fact that my records for service are now online.

Do you plan to tell your friends and family about Openbay?

Yes! I plan on telling friends and family to try Openbay. Plus, I get Openbay rewards for each person I invite to Openbay when they use the service.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers? 

I would highly recommend using Openbay.

Now that you’ve heard Peter’s story, are you ready to try Openbay yourself?

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