Meet Lisa: Openbay Takes The Guesswork out of Booking Service

Openbay Customer Testimonial - Lisa F.

We recently noticed an old review left for an auto repair shop on Openbay. It inspired us to pick up the phone to speak with Lisa F., who’d left the review. This was her second time booking vehicle maintenance with Openbay. Here, she explains what the shop did well, and why she’ll continue booking service with us.
How did you find Openbay?
Through my employer, which had recommended Openbay.
The quick response, and the follow up is the best ever. Most of the time, people don’t follow up like they’re supposed to, but Openbay is very customer-service oriented.
Do you use any other apps for your car?
No. Openbay is only one I use now since I learned about it.

Do you know a lot or a little about cars? What would you say is your level of understanding of vehicle repair/maintenance?
It’s pretty limited, beyond knowing I have to change fluids at certain times.
So far, you’ve booked two oil changes with Openbay. What made you choose each shop?
Both times, I had chosen the shop based on location – where I was at the time.
The second shop was Jhingo Auto Werks, in Hyattsville, MD. The owner was a really cool guy. It was his first time using Openbay. I told him to stick with it, because it would help grow his brand.
When I arrived, they opened the door, welcomed me in to get out of the elements. Within five minutes or so, the owner came in, and he was very friendly. He went above and beyond – I’d gotten a flat tire on the way to the shop, and even put the donut on for me, free of charge.

Also, he gave me advice on the type of oil I should consider using for my car. My Dad had always told me years ago to never use synthetic. But the shop owner told me the benefits of switching to synthetic oil, over conventional. I like that he explained why it made sense, but that he didn’t try to sell it to me. I’ll definitely book service with Jhingo Auto Werks again.

Would you use Openbay again, even to book with the same shop?
I would, because I think it’s good to build up the business. Openbay leaves all the guesswork out of booking my vehicle service. Plus, it’s reassuring to know that it doesn’t allow any old auto repair shop to participate, and they’ve all been screened.