Meet John, Who Found Same-Day Auto Repair While Visiting L.A.

John Auto Repair LA

At Openbay, we like to speak with our customers to get a better understanding of the user experience. This week, we caught up with John about his recent service at Verdugo Tire & Auto.
Where do you live and what do you drive?
I live in Houston, TX, but had booked the service on my daughter’s car in Los Angeles. She drives a 2011 Nissan Rogue.
How did you find Openbay?
I found Openbay just through a Google search. I was in Los Angeles with my daughter, and she needed her brakes repaired. Since I don’t know the area, I was Google searching for a mechanic and the first thing that came up was Openbay, saying “find prices for you” – which sounded great! In the past, I’ve experienced the “bait and switch,” and didn’t want to spend my day haggling with shops. Openbay promised to assist with the entire process, and not knowing the area, it seemed like a good fit.
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How was your experience?
We needed the brake job done right away, and we were able to get the work completed the same-day. Once I’d submitted a request, Openbay contacted me for some additional information and got in touch with the shop to confirm the price. I was very happy that we were able to get all the service completed day of, and everything went great with Verdugo Tires & Auto.
What’s your history with maintaining your vehicle?
This vehicle is actually my daughter’s car, but I have kept up with all the oil changes, tire rotations and brake repair. Luckily, this car hasn’t required much repair, but I’ve been keeping up pretty regularly with the maintenance.
Has Openbay delivered, as you had expected?
Absolutely. When I first came upon Openbay, it claimed it would “find prices for you” and “make car repair easier,” and it certainly has. Since this is my daughter’s car and she lives in Los Angeles, I don’t know the area very well, especially regarding mechanics. I relied on Openbay to provide me with a quality mechanic who would do a good job and quickly, and it did. Also, I was glad to get everything done the same day. The turnaround was great, as was the personal touch.
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Would you book with the same mechanic again, and if so, would you do it through Openbay?
I would definitely book with the same shop again; I thought they did a great job and were very friendly. I would definitely book another service through Openbay, with this or another shop. I like being able to compare various shops without having to do the footwork myself. I also liked having Openbay between the vendor and me, so if any issues were to arise, there was someone else who could deal directly with the shop and back me up.