Meet Ethan, Who Booked Car Repair in Tempe, AZ through Openbay

car repair in tempe, az

Meet Ethan, an ASU grad student, who used Openbay to compare, book and pay for his car repair in Tempe, AZ.  Here’s how his experience went.

Where do you live, and what type of vehicle do you drive?

I live in Tempe, AZ and I drive a 2011 Nissan Sentra.

How did you find Openbay?

I was searching online for quotes for my AC repair. I came across Openbay, but had never heard of it, so I read some articles about the company in the press. That gave me assurance that I could trust the shops on Openbay.
I liked how easy it was to use. All I had to do was enter in my vehicle information, and the issues I was having, and the site would do the rest.

Has Openbay delivered as you had expected?

Yes. Within about an hour of submitting my service request, I got an email, from someone at Openbay, looking for clarification on the request. I was pretty impressed with that level of service.
It turns out I’d needed a general diagnosis. Openbay updated the request, and soon after, I received nine quotes. I chose Pitstop Performance because of its good reviews, as well as the shop’s proximity to me.
If I’d done all that research on my own, I would have only contacted two or three shops, and then I probably would have gotten annoyed. It was nice to receive nine different quotes from shops, and I could see how close they were to me on a map. I also liked the feature where it showed early drop-off and wi-fi, even though I didn’t pick the shop based on that.

How did everything go at Pitstop Performance?

It was a pretty smooth experience. The people at the shop knew who I was as soon as I showed up, and were able to get me in and out on time. They even showed me the broken AC-compressor parts and took time to explain and show me what needed to be replaced. It was seamless and easy; Pitstop was very true to its reviews.
This was my first time using Openbay. I found it to be really convenient, almost to the point that I was taken by surprise. I didn’t have to do anything while at the shop, because Openbay handled the payment online, and took care of everything. And I didn’t have to stay at the shop afterward to fill out paperwork, because they had it all there and already done.

Would you book service with the same mechanic again in the future?

Yes, I definitely would. I haven’t had any issues since that service.
I’ve already been thinking about it. My fiancés car needs an oil change soon, so we’ll probably book that within the next couple of weeks.

Would you book through Openbay again?

I would definitely book through Openbay again. It’s been pretty useful and helpful, and I like that you’re sending customers to auto-repair shops in a better way.

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