March 2020: Automotive Services Marketplace Experiences Online User Growth, Top 10 automotive repair and service requested on Openbay

March 2020: Automotive Services Marketplace Experiences Online User Growth, Top 10 automotive repair and service requested on Openbay

Leading up to and during the month of March 2020, many of us in the U.S. experienced events that may change the course of daily life from this day forward due to the global outbreak of COVID-19. During this time businesses, in order to protect employees and reduce the spread of the virus, closed offices and asked employees to work-from-home (WFH). As a result of WFH combined with social distancing, consumers are going online for products and services now more than ever before. This includes the way consumers are shopping for new vehicles and finding local automotive repair and service centers to drop their vehicle off for touchless or contactless service.

Openbay experienced a surge in consumer registrations for its online marketplace for automotive repair and service with a 21% increase over the prior month. The WFH has allowed extra time for consumers to research and tackle items previously postponed due to busy schedules, to include automotive services.

Social distancing and WFH are either forcing consumers to shop online or accelerating the rate of adoption for those consumers that are considering to shop online for services. Either-way, the shift to online or digital-first is surging forward. Consumers acknowledge shopping online for services is a convenient and frictionless experience as more and more businesses adopt new technologies to engage consumers and transact online.

Below is a list of the top eight vehicle makes and models that requested service on during the month of March 2020.

Top 8 vehicle makes and models requesting service during March 2020 in rank order: 

Rank Vehicle Make Avg. Year Top Models (in rank order)
Toyota 2011 Camry, Corolla, Prius, 4Runner
2 Honda 2011 Civic, Accord, CRV, Odyssey
3 Chevrolet 2011 Malibu, Impala, Equinox, Cruz
4 Ford 2011 Fusion, Escape, Focus
5 Nissan 2014 Altima, Sentra ,Rogue, Versa
6 Hyundai 2014 Sonata, Elantra
7 Dodge 2013 Grand Caravan, Charger
8  Volkswagen 2013 Jetta, Passat

Across all vehicle makes, models and trim submitting services on Openbay, the average year vehicle getting service during March 2020 was 2012.

Top 10 automotive services requested during March 2020 on the Openbay marketplace, in rank order:

Rank Automotive Service* Requested on Openbay
1 Engine oil related service (oil changes, oil pan repair, etc.)
2 Brake related services (brake pads, rotors, calipers) 
Manufacturer’s recommended maintenance intervals 
4 General diagnostic – problem encountered, check engine light  
5 Suspension (wheel alignment, struts, shocks, ball joints)
6 Engine related (valve cover, values, spark plugs, belts, etc.) 
7 Transmission related (fluid and filter changes, slipping, etc.) 
8 Tire and wheel assembly
9 HVAC systems (cooling, heating systems)
10 Electrical, Battery, lights

* Services listed indicate the initial service selected by the vehicle owner when the service request was entered on the Openbay platform. Additional services may have been added to the original service request or completed service.

Openbay is here to help; vehicle owners get their vehicle serviced during and after current events, and business owners of auto service centers acquire online consumers in need of service.

Openbay is building the world’s most trusted and transparent automotive services marketplace helping consumers reduce vehicle operating costs and helping automotive service centers improve the way they acquire vehicles to service. Openbay offers a contactless or touchless payment, where the entire end-to-end process happens on its platform. 

Membership on Openbay for consumers and automotive service centers is free.

  • Consumers can join here
  • Automotive service centers can apply to become a member here

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