Setting the Pace: Liberty Mutual & Openbay Team Up to Deliver Auto Care for Today’s World

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Vehicles symbolize freedom, but when they break, many drivers feel powerless. At 11.6-years old, the average vehicle on U.S. roads is in more frequent need of service, yet most drivers still rely on a frustratingly outdated method of identifying and scheduling service with a quality mechanic.
To alleviate that pain point, Openbay now has a partnership with Liberty Mutual Insurance. Liberty Mutual auto customers will receive exclusive deals to help them compare, book and pay for repair and maintenance service the modern way, via Openbay. Consumers may book any mechanical repair and maintenance work — from tire rotations and oil changes to new catalytic converters or engine replacements – and do so within just a few clicks.
Liberty Mutual Insurance Teams Up with Openbay Modern Way to Book Auto Repair
Just as Liberty Mutual offers auto insurance tailored to each individual driver’s needs, Openbay’s marketplace offers a choice between local auto repair centers, so drivers may select the repair business that best fits their needs. Openbay’s network of service providers is composed of independent and franchise repair centers, mobile mechanics, and franchise dealerships. Users may select a pre-qualified service center based on location, ratings and reviews, and price, as well as a host of available amenities, including wi-fi, warranty and shuttle service.
Liberty Mutual Insurance & Openbay Team Up
A well-maintained vehicle is a safer vehicle, and for every transaction completed on its platform, Openbay delivers users with a host of tools to help:

  • Peace-of-Mind Guarantee: quality service, no unexpected charges, and secure payment
  • Mileage-Based Service Reminders, based on manufacturer-recommendations
  • Complimentary Concierge Service to help to clarify needs and select a shop
  • Messaging with repair shops to describe and explain and document vehicle issues via video, photos and text
  • Maintenance History Tracking for easy future reference
  • Openbay Rewards are issued for each completed service, as well as via the referral network

Liberty Mutual Insurance & Openbay Team Up Benefits
To learn more about Liberty Mutual Insurance’s commitment to innovation, by engaging with startups, please visit here.
* Openbay does not manage collision, bodywork or warranty-related services.

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