Last-Minute, Car-Themed Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Road Trip - Couple in Convertible

If you’ve been out to lunch, and have only just realized tomorrow is Valentine’s Day – yes, February 14th! You might need a quick little something to celebrate the big day with your main squeeze.  As always, we have car-focused ideas in mind.
We know your need for speed may not stop at your car, so most of these gifts can be had with a 24-hour turnaround. Ready, set, go!
Esslie Nail polish in car-themed colors $8.50


Image credit: Essie

If your lovely lady loves cars and has a bit of a lead foot, why not give her a car-themed nail polish, along with the gift of a pedicure for Valentine’s Day? There’s nothing like being pampered, and if you keep an eye on Essie nail polish’s legendarily long line of colors, you’ll find some car-themed names in there. Turns out Essie’s founder, Essie Weingarten, is a bit of a speed freak. She drives a Porsche Carrera and has a soft spot for all things speedy. A woman after our own hearts. In a last-minute bind? Pick up one or all of these at most major drugstores.
Polish colors, starting at top left, are:

Little Trees Cherry Paper Air Freshener $2.99


Image credit: AutoZone

If your honey has a good sense of humor and/or a stinky car, this is the stocking-stuffer of Valentine’s Day gifts. Modest, a little silly, and available pretty much everywhere. If you’d forgotten to check the calendar, and have found yourself in a bind, tuck this smelly treat in a card, and unwrap it on the way to a good restaurant. It’s the thought that counts, right?
Openbay Vehicle Maintenance Package Deal  $19 / 39


Image credit: Openbay

If your better half is high maintenance and has a car or truck that could use some TLC too, book this crazy car-care deal with Openbay. It includes an oil change and filter, tire rotation and a 15-point inspection.
If this deal sounds too good to be true, you’re probably wondering how it works. Openbay wants you as a customer, so you pay them the amount noted above, then book the service with a local mechanic via the Openbay web or mobile app. Openbay will make up the difference. Price varies depending on whether you have traditional or synthetic oil (for older and newer cars, respectively). Unless you drive a Tesla, odds are you need regular oil changes, and if you want to pay full price, go ahead. But if not, we recommend you snap this up quickly before the deal is gone. Get one for you, and one for your honey. Nothing says “I care enough to have bought you a great gift” like “I bought one for myself, too.”
Porsche Racing Brake Disc Key Chain $40.00


Image Credit: Porsche, Amazon

Have you got champagne taste with a beer budget? Treat your Porsche-fiend sweetie with a key chain, featuring bright red brake calipers. Need it in a hurry? If you book with Amazon today, they can overnight it to you in time for Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed, then enjoy an afternoon drive, pretending those wheels are the real deal.
Bentley GT V8 with Optional Red Brake Calipers $197,780


Image credit: Bentley Media

Have you got a champagne-case budget (as opposed to a beer budget)? Give that special someone red brake calipers, fitted to a Bentley Continental GT V8. While the old marque hasn’t traditional opted for such showy options, the 500hp V8 prompted the splashy option, which we’d definitely choose if this car were ours. And while stories abound about these cars being made-to-order, if you’re writing a check, Bentley might just pull a rabbit out of a hat, and have a GT in your driveway by the morning. After all, the ultimate option for big bosses is often “now.”
Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, and whether you book the maintenance deal now, or pay full-freight later, book all your local car repair and maintenance through Openbay. As The Boston Globe wrote about Openbay, “In an era when smartphones can be used to order takeout food, book flights, and hire cabs, it is surprising there had not been anything that easily combines everything about the car repair process into one app.”  Check out Openbay today.