Meet Jai, in Santa Clara, Who Explains What Sets Openbay Apart

Openbay User Story Jai

Every time an Openbay user completes a service request, we send a survey to determine what we’re doing well and what needs improvement. Jai, a new user, had complimented Openbay for its “awesome concierge service” and said his shop had done “quick and quality work,” so we called to hear more about his first time using Openbay.
Where do you live and what do you drive?
I live in Santa Clara, CA and I drive a 2007 Mercedes-Benz E350 with about 120,000 miles on it.
How did you find Openbay?
I was simply google searching to get maintenance service on my vehicle, since I do not have a current mechanic, and happened across Openbay. From there, I submitted a request for an oil change and coolant flush and received quotes immediately. After reviewing the quotes, I was able to book and schedule an appointment that same morning.
How did it go at the shop?
I chose to go with Ivy and Truman Automotive based on their reviews and proximity to my home; they were only about 1.5-miles away. They completed the service quickly, and the shop’s staff was friendly. I would definitely use them again.
What’s your history with maintaining your vehicle?
I rely primarily on my vehicle dashboard lights to remind me when service is due — I’ll see lights when it’s time for an oil change, or other issues that need attention.
When my car was still under warranty, I’d been going to the dealer to keep me up to date on maintenance, but had stopped going once I reached 100,000 miles and the maintenance costs were coming out of my pocket.
Jai Openbay VO testimonial
When you first heard about Openbay, what interested you about it?
My vehicle had recently come off of warranty, so I was looking for an alternative to the dealer.
The best part about using Openbay is the ability to compare shops through reviews, distance and pricing, without having to do all the work of calling all the shops on my own. Openbay has created a level of confidence, to quickly be able to see all of the shop quotes and reviews side by side, and then make an appointment right there. I can’t do that anywhere else; that’s unique about Openbay.
While searching, I had also come across a mobile-mechanic company, but I haven’t tried them. In that case, the person working on my car is a mechanic employed by that company, so it’s a fixed quotation. There wasn’t any choice.
Has Openbay delivered as you had expected?
Yes — I had received ten quotes within five minutes. The only issue I’d run into was that the shop had to increase the quote slightly. But they let me know this in advance.
Openbay note: Ivy and Truman Automotive had enabled Openbay’s Auto Quotes feature, which many shops use to automatically generate quotes for pre-priced services. Because this shop’s Auto Quotes had needed to be updated to reflect the shop’s current pricing, Jai’s Openbay concierge issued Jai a $15 credit, to account for the difference.
Would you book with the same mechanic again, and if so, would you do it through Openbay?
I would definitely book with the shop again. They did a great job and were very helpful.
And I would definitely book through Openbay again. It’s nice to have a middle man to assist if there are any issues to come up with the shop. I really like the idea of having someone there to resolve the problem and to get a positive outcome for both parties.