Hug a Car, Save a Tree – Tips to Green Up Your Driving Habits

Earth from Space
EraPhernalia, Flickr

Earth Day came in April and it was soon gone, but we shouldn’t forget what the day represents. No, we’re not going to make you feel bad about being reliant on fossil fuels and clouding up the ecosystem with your car. What kind of people do you think we are, anyway? What we are going to do, however, is give you some suggestions on how you can do your part as a car owner – without trading in your independence for a bus pass or hoofing it everywhere you go.
“Doing your part as a car owner”

  • Become more aware of the speed at which you drive. First of all, it’s dangerous to exceed the speed limit especially in rural area where kids are at play. It’s also the worst thing you could possibly do as far as fuel efficiency is concerned. Putting the pedal to the metal causes you to burn more gas, which can put a hole in your wallet and increase greenhouse gases.
  • Do you have overdrive gears? If so, use them. A lot of drivers don’t know that their cars come with overdrive gears, just as many don’t know how to use them properly. Going into overdrive doesn’t mean you’re unnecessarily taxing your engine. It actually means you’re going into a higher gear where your engine’s not working so hard. This also cuts back on emissions.
  • Lighten the junk in your trunk. No, that’s not a hint you should go on a diet. Stop being so sensitive. We’re talking about your car. Specifically, what you’ve got in the trunk or the hatchback or the back seat that could be weighing you down to the point where you’re burning more gas than necessary to get you from here to there. Lessen the load and you’ll send up less fumes. Plain and simple.
  • Service your car regularly. Don’t wait until your car is sputtering or spewing black smoke to take it in for routine maintenance. Stay on a regular schedule and fix problems as they occur. Out of shape cars are one of the biggest contributors to pollution, according to the Department of Ecology for Washington State.

Whether you call it going green or being eco-conscious, you don’t have to be a tree hugger to want to limit that amount of pollution your car puts out. Following the tips above can help you accomplish that. To learn more about car care, or to find highly rated mechanics in your area join Openbay. Compare pricing and book service from quality local shops with the click of a button. Openbay is car repair for today’s world.
Source: Fuel economy gov , Washington State Dept of Ecology