4 Tips to Get Your Car Ready to Win Black Friday

Thanksgiving is in its final hours and now we’re on to the most wonderful time of the year! At least that’s how some people feel. The holiday season officially begins with the annual shopping brawl universally known as Black Friday.  To win Black Friday, you need a strategy. And that includes your vehicle. Before you head out, here are some tips to get your car ready to help you win the day:

Be prepared for anything with a full tank of gas

It’s hard to get up early, and you may end up running behind. You’ll get into your car and it will hit you. The gas gauge is on empty. Don’t let that happen on Black Friday. Be prepared for anything by filling your tank up with gas before you go. Reader’s Digest has some tips to ensure you’re filling up safely.

Make room for all those purchases

First, clean your car out before you go shopping on Black Friday. You’ll most likely be heading to your car in the mall parking lot with your hands full of gifts. It’s best to be able to quickly load them into your car without having to put them down to clear the clutter. Next, ensure that you can fit that 70” flat screen in your crossover by removing any items that will prevent you from folding down seats to store large items.


Prepare for the early morning madness with friends. Map out a plan and ensure everyone is in agreement. Figure out whose car you’ll take, who will drive and which stores you want to shop. Set the mood with a great playlist and bring snacks and water for stamina. Ask your co-pilot to pay attention while you drive. This way you’ll have an extra set of eyes when trying to find a parking spot. Check out Real Simple’s “How to Get the Best Deals on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Beyond”. 

Safety first! Don’t drive like a maniac

Be patient. Black Friday can make people rush and forget driving etiquette. Take your time to get to your destination safely. And, by all means, do not shop while driving. If you must be the first in line, leave early and give yourself plenty of time. Be wary of those driving around you and ask your co-pilot to help navigate. Remember to always use your blinkers when attempting to change lanes or make turns (including those into parking spaces).  Most importantly, have fun. It’s the holidays!
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