How to Find Your VIN

VIN Locator


Check out this video from NHTSA, as shared with us by the Auto Care Association. Your car or truck’s 17-character VIN (vehicle identification number) is unique to your vehicle, and it will indicate whether yours is subject to a recall. The VIN number may be found on the bottom of your windshield’s glass, on the driver’s side, as well as on the driver’s side doorsill. Your VIN will also be listed on your insurance paperwork, as well as on any vehicle title, lease or loan documents.
Here at Openbay, your VIN number is the second thing we request when you submit a service request for auto repair or maintenance. Why? Your VIN specifies the exact trim of your vehicle, which allows your repair shop or service department to accurately price out the cost of the parts required for your service order. Following NHTSA’s guidelines on where to find your VIN before submitting your service request will reduce any back and forth with the shop as it quotes your job. And less back and forth means you can get your vehicle serviced faster. Because typing out 17 letters and numbers can be a pain, Openbay’s mobile app allows you to easily scan your VIN, which is then incorporated into your vehicle profile.


Most importantly, knowing your VIN will come in handy when you need to determine whether your vehicle has been recalled. If you think you’re not at risk, think again – 2015 was an all-time record year for recalls, with 51.2 million vehicles affected across 868 recalls. Haven’t searched yet to determine whether yours has been subject to a recall? Click here to confirm via NHTSA, and if your vehicle has been recalled, schedule a service appointment with your local dealer to have the issue addressed, free of charge.
If you don’t have your VIN easily searchable, snap a photo of it the next time you hop in the car. As NHTSA ends its message, “Safer Cars. Safer Drivers. Safer Roads.” We couldn’t agree more.
Recalls aside, you’ll also have a safer vehicle if you maintain it regularly. Openbay will help you compare, book and schedule service with a local mechanic – from an independent shop, mobile mechanic or franchise dealership – for anything from regular vehicle maintenance to extensive repairs. Best of all, it’s completely free to you, and Openbay will maintain your service history online for future reference. Try it out today, and don’t forget to include your VIN.