It's Time to Find a New Auto Repair Shop: How to Tell to Your Mechanic

Break Up with Mechanic - Find a New Auto Repair Shop

We’ve all been there, that dreaded moment when you know you need to sit down with someone and have “The Talk.” You know, the breakup talk. The “It’s not you, it’s me” talk. In the romantic world, breakups are inevitable. But what if it’s not the person you are dating that you want to stop seeing? What if it’s your mechanic? Here are few tips on how to break up with your mechanic, and get on with the search for a new auto repair shop.

1. It’s not me, it’s you 

When you break up with someone you’re romantically involved with, it’s best to try to soften the blow a bit and try not to break his or her heart so very terribly. However, when it’s your mechanic that needs to go, you need to be honest. Not brutally mean, mind you, but honest. Tell him or her what it is exactly that has upset you and why you are moving to another mechanic.

2. Be prepared 

Before you say au revoir to your mechanic, get some facts behind you.  Use Openbay and compare repair quotes from other mechanics in your area. That way, you have something concrete to point to as a comparison when you tell your mechanic things just aren’t going to work out, and it’s best that you both see other people.

3. Keep notes 

It’s helpful to keep a log of all repairs done to your car, including the date, the actual repairs and the cost. That way, if you find out later that the requested work never actually got completed (such as thinking you have new belts only to discover later that you still have the old belts on), you have a paper record to which to calmly point before you head out the door.

4. Get over it 

If you feel you have concrete, logical reasons for breaking up with your mechanic, such as poorly performed work, inconsistencies with repair costs and results or overpricing, stand your ground. Kindly but firmly explain why you are moving on, shake his or hand firmly and part ways.

5. Find someone new   

Mechanics understand there is turnover with their customers moving away. On the flip side, there are new customers moving into their territory, so it’s not a big hit on their business. Some of us prefer to avoid confrontation or simply don’t have the time for it, so act as if you’ve moved from the area and don’t reach out to your mechanic at all. Simple enough. Now you can find the right mechanic for your car.
Remember that your car deserves to have a good, kind, professional mechanic taking care of it and there’s no need to settle for mediocrity. (That goes for your own little heart too, by the way).  Looking for a new auto repair shop? Give Openbay a try and compare top mechanics in your area.