Holiday Car Travel with your Furry Friend

It’s that time of the season where family and friends flock to the places they enjoy most. Often times our family includes a furry friend or two; finding a safe and appropriate way to bring along Fido isn’t always the easiest! Here are six simple steps to “pet proof” your vehicle and keep the ride as comfy as possible for yourself and your furry friend:
1     Safety first
When traveling in a vehicle safety is always the number one priority for everyone. Much like how young children should always be properly secured; your pet needs to be safely accommodated for the trek ahead.  Make sure your pet is equipped with the right ID tags, such as up-to-date contact information and an address. If there is one tip to remember it’s this: never leave your pet unattended in your vehicle.
2     Prep your seats
There are many products available on the market that can combat pet wear and tear if you choose to keep your pet in the rear seat.  Anything from choosing a worn blanket from your house to purchasing a pet specific hammock for the rear seat will help maintain your car’s interior health while ensuring a comfortable ride for all.
3     Be prepared for a surprise
Bathroom incidents will  happen.  It’s not a matter of if, but when.  Be prepared with doggy bags and appropriate cleaners that won’t harm your pet after using it.  To make sure that you take care of the interior of your vehicle after an incident, refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for proper cleaning equipment. The most important aspect for being accident ready is acting fast!
4     Keep a clean car
Prepping a clean car before even letting your pet in is essential.  This prevents even more headaches when traveling with your animals. Dog fur, nose prints, scratch marks, and stains will come.  Being ready with glass cleaners and interior car care products will help remedy these when they happen.
5     Bring a ramp
Not every pet owner owns an animal that can hop into the rear of a car.  Smaller dogs and older dogs are among those that might need a little extra assistance with boarding and leaving a vehicle.  Instead of trying to lift your pet into the back, try using tools like ramps to help guide them into their space. There are many different cost-effective options on the market today!
6     Travel with amenities
Everybody needs water and a few snacks along the ride.  Your pet is no different! To ensure a smooth ride try packing a few treats and an extra water for your furry friend.  Be prepared for an accident or a little post meal mess when they are finished!
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We wish you a safe and happy holiday!
-The Openbay Team

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