Here Are 10 Great Gifts For Your Car Lover

Shopping for a car geek?

We’ve got your back with a list of 10 great gifts for the car lover in your life:

  1. Amazon Alexa Echo Auto

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has taken the world by storm, and at the forefront is the Amazon Alexa product line.  If you drive a car that is past its warranty, chances are that you probably don’t have the most up-to-date infotainment system at your disposal. Echo Auto brings the power of Alexa to your car! Echo Auto can connect to any car that supports Bluetooth to play music as well as most auxiliary inputs, so it’s easy to install with older models.

  1.  Meguiar’s Car Wash & Wax Kit

Every auto enthusiast loathes a grimy vehicle, and a major part of keeping a clean exterior includes waxing. Wax acts as a buffer to the elements surrounding the exterior of your car and is an essential tool to keeping a healthy paint base. Meguiar’s, the world’s leading brand in exterior car care, offers a full wash and wax kit to provide that year-round shine for your car’s lines.

  1.   ROAV by Anker Dash Cam

Ever think of becoming a ride sharing driver? Or do you just want that extra peace of mind when driving in traffic? Dash cams are one of the most popular gadgets that vehicle owners are equipping themselves with.  The Anker Roav dash cam is an external facing, discrete camera that records in both day and night settings as well as full 1080p resolution and built-in Wi-Fi.

  1.  Clutch & Gas socks

Take care of your car lover’s feet with these cute, yet, functional socks that label both the clutch pedal and the gas pedal on the proper foot! 

  1.  Kobalt 200-piece Mechanics Tool Set

DIY is often the middle name of many auto enthusiasts; therefore you should embrace that with a full 200-piece mechanics tool set by Kobalt! This set comes complete with every basic tool the inner mechanic needs to tinker around and fix issues from their own garage.

  1. HARMAN Spark


Give your car lover the gift of a connected car with the HARMAN Spark connected car device and app.  This device enables the user to view vehicle diagnostics, provides emergency crash assistance, location information, as well as roadside assistance management. This amazing device also acts as a WiFi hotspot for your vehicle.

  1. Driving experience or track day

The gift of driving is the best gift any car enthusiast can receive.  There are excellent schools, independent tracks, courses, and treks that teach special driving skills to build from.  Two fantastic examples of these are offered by Land Rover and the Skip Barber brand. Each of these courses allows the drivers to immerse themselves in their full driving experience.  Land Rover courses are offered nationwide while Skip Barber courses are offered at several tracks from east to west coast.

  1.  Car Wash Subscription

These have become increasingly popular as shops start to adopt them. They are a subscription service for various types of washes that are available. Chances are that a car wash near you provides a similar service to this one. Keep your car clean year-round without having to pay each time you go to the car wash!

  1.  Car Cover

Not everyone has the luxury of utilizing a garage year-round, so why not get your car lover a car cover? Car covers act as a removable shell for many different models and help protect against the elements therefore any sun or sap that may damage your vehicle’s exterior is deflected by the cover.

  1.   Hydraulic Car Jack

A hydraulic car jack comes in handy for several different services.  This should be at the top of each and every car lover’s wish list. A heavy-duty car jack enables complete ownership of DIY car care.  Not only are these capable, but they are also a tool that you can put complete trust into. Above all, when operating underneath a vehicle, the individual needs to have a complete trust in their equipment.
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