How G.L. Moore Tire Pros & Automotive Service Turns Online Customers Into Family, 24/7

Automotive Service Online Customers

When you are a third-generation business owner you know first-hand how to connect across generations. Whitney Moore, Office Manager of G.L. Moore Tire Pros & Automotive in Springfield, MO, has worked in the family business alongside her father Mark for 17 years and counting.  

G.L. Moore Tire Pros & Automotive, Inc. was established in 1971 by Sandy and Gary “G.L.” Moore, Whitney’s great aunt and uncle.  G.L. Moore Tire Pros has remained a family-owned and operated business for 50 years. With the motto “Our Family Serving Yours” front and center at all times, Whitney and Mark have kept Gary’s legacy of strong professionalism in place. They treat their customers like family, period.

Millennials are Changing the Customer Experience

As the voice of today’s generation, Whitney knew the importance of a strong online experience. “If you’re not opening your doors to the online world, you are cutting off a portion of your business. It is the future,” states Whitney. 

Whitney knows what she’s talking about. Younger Millennial and Generation Z consumers, who represent 70 million drivers in the U.S., are known for their technology adoption – almost all own a smartphone (93%) and regularly use the internet to shop for services (close to 100%). These ‘digital natives’ are changing the customer experience, with recent research showing 66% of millennial consumers expect real-time responses and interactions.

Staying Open for Business 24/7, Automatically

Whitney is a member of the Tire Pros National Dealer Council, where she was first introduced to Openbay Otis, a Virtual Service Advisor that engages website visitors 24/7, automatically. Otis is software that installs on a business website and delivers personalized information to online visitors who can instantly receive service estimates, book appointments, get answers to questions, and more. Otis also has an ATD tire fitment catalog built in to provide tire quotes in real-time.

Whitney thought Otis was a good fit for G.L. Moore’s business goals. “Because Otis is open for business 24 hours a day, it helps our online presence,” explains Whitney. “Otis gives us a chance to interact with existing customers and new ones at any time, automatically. It saves our customers’ time and is really convenient. Even if it’s late night, a customer can go to our site, get information, and make an appointment immediately, rather than do it later.”

Whitney and Mark soon saw additional business benefits.  “Otis handles time-consuming tasks like answering questions,” she adds. “And I really like that Otis gives us insight into my customer’s needs. We can see service requests and direct communication from the customer so our team is able to meet their individual preferences when they arrive at the shop.” 

A Hassle-Free Customer Experience

“Our Tire Pros tagline is ‘Hassle-Free.Guaranteed.”  Whitney concludes. “Otis helps us deliver that for our customers.”  Whitney’s advice for others considering Otis? “The ability to be available to customers 24/7 is incredibly valuable. It’s a forward-thinking part of doing business today. You would be crazy not to try it out.”


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