Ford F-150 100,000-Mile Scheduled Maintenance

If you are one of the millions who own America’s most popular pickups, the Ford F-150, and you’re coming up on 100,000 miles, congratulations. If you have kept up with scheduled maintenance, your engine is just getting broken in. Just the same, 100,000 miles is a lot of miles, and you’ve got to start wondering about things like timing chain and rotors. Taking your F 150 XL, XLT, Lariat, Raptor, Platinum, or one of the other five trims in for its scheduled high mileage maintenance can significantly increase its service life.

If you bought your Ford F 150 new and you’re coming up on six digits on your odometer, you already know the value of taking care of your baby. The F 150 is a sturdy workhorse that easily doubles as a cool daily ride or a fun weekend adventure. And if you went the Raptor route, and you’re still driving it, you know this truck can take a beating and keep on ticking if you give it some periodic TLC.

If you bought it used and this is your first scheduled maintenance (a lot of F 150s are sold right around 100,000 miles), this checkup will give you a great idea of how well the previous owner took care of the ride.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore scheduled maintenance. Taking care of an issue today is far less expensive than dealing with it later as this chart demonstrates:

So, are you ready for a preview of services and costs?

Inspection Points, Services, and Cost of a 100,000-mile Checkup for a Ford F-150

You can check out just what’s involved with a 100,000-mile inspection by logging in on the Ford owner’s site. Alternatively, you can open up Openbay and click on the Scheduled Maintenance Tool and get a simple, straightforward description. The upside of doing that is, you can also get a real-time quote from a qualified shop near you.

Example of a 100,000 Mile Inspection and Cost for a Ford F-150

(Note: costs are estimates and will vary depending on your location. Use the Openbay app to get a real-time quote from a qualified shop near you)

1. Inspection Point Checklist – $190 – $215 (Labor pricing only)
  • Brakes, brake lines, hoses & connections
  • Drive belts, boots, seals, and driveshaft
  • Fuel lines, hoses & connections
  • Steering, suspension, tie rod ends
  • Parking brake
  • Water pump
  • Air filters
  • Rotate tires and check the air pressure
  • Check spark plugs
  • Exhaust system
2. Replace the following (price includes parts and labor):
  • Air filter – $30 – $35 (if necessary)
  • Cabin air filter – $17 – $20 (if necessary)
  • Transmission fluid – $37 – $65
  • Brake fluid – $60 – $75
  • Coolant – $60 – $85
  • Engine oil and filter – $34 – $65
  • Timing belt – $405 – $530 (if necessary)
  • Spark plugs – $95 – $120 (if necessary)
  • Lubricate/clean throttle linkage – $20 – $30 (if necessary)

So there you have it, what services will be performed and an estimate of the cost.

Next step: Find a trustworthy, certified local automotive technician to service your Ford F-150. Use Openbay to compare instant pricing for your 120,000-mile service from top repair shops in your neighborhood. Keep on Truckin’!

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