Essential Car Items for Winter Driving

Snowy Road - Winter Driving

If you’re in the northeast, you’re probably due for a snowstorm this weekend. Get ready for a couple of days cozying up by the fire, the TV, or relaxing with a good book.
If your idea of a snowstorm involves more than being house-bound, don’t hit the roads unless you’re prepared. If you haven’t already prepared, stock up on these  essentials  to keep in your truck or car at all times for safe winter driving:
1. Jumper Cables
No need, you may be thinking, my car is new/tough/strong. However, even small factors can unexpectedly drain car batteries, and you certainly don’t want to find yourself stranded somewhere in the cold with a dead battery and no chance of getting it going again.
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2. Flashlight
Whether it’s looking under the hood or looking around when you find yourself in a pickle after dark, a flashlight can be invaluable. Pack a few extra batteries for your flashlight, too… just in case.
3. Flat Tire Gear
A flat tire can be as devastating as a dead battery, and tend to happen in the worst places at the worst time. Keep a 12-volt air compressor in your trunk just in case. A tire-patch kit might be a good idea as well, although a spare tire and a car jack is the best idea in terms of dealing with a flat tire.
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4. Tow Rope
You just never know what can happen in the winter, whether it’s you or someone else who needs towing out, but keep a 12-foot tow rope in your car for such occasions.
5. Safety Stuff
There are some important items that are always a good idea but even more so in winter. Keep a first aid kit, some basic food and water supplies, and a blanket in the car. You should also keep a mobile phone charger and your mobile phone with you at all times. If you happen to have a mobile that you are no longer using, they can still be used to make emergency calls, dial 911. Make sure you keep this phone charged too.
Another thing that can come in handy is a roll of duct tape and a pair of scissors. Hey, never know when you might need them.
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